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Splendid Apartments in Athens: Experience the City Like a Local

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Lately, we’ve noticed a great surge in questions regarding apartments in Athens and whether they make for a good accommodation option. Are you also eager to switch the classic hotel rooms for a cozy and stylish apartment that will make you feel like a true Athenian? If so, you’re in the right place.

In this article, you’ll find a few reasons why staying in an apartment in Athens can do wonders for your holiday and our carefully selected picks of Athenian homes to fit all budgets and styles.

Whether you’re coming to Athens alone, with friends, or with your sweetheart, these are the best apartments in Athens for an unforgettable stay.

Why Book Your Stay in an Apartment in Athens Instead of a Hotel

No doubt staying in a hotel room has various bespoke services and a certain feeling of luxury. Indeed, an upscale hotel with an Acropolis view is hard to beat.

On the other hand, an apartment offers more quality and authentic stay and gives you a better taste of local life.

For instance, even if you’re staying in one of the beautiful hotels near Plaka, you still won’t be able to experience the city like a true local unless you’re staying in a true Athenian home.

Besides, an apartment is a much cheaper option in most cases, especially if you’re traveling with a large group of friends.

And finally, enjoying the comforts of a spacious home rather than a few square meters of a hotel room makes for a totally different experience.

With all that in mind, we have gathered our favorite apartments to give you a glimpse of what it feels like to live like a local in the Greek capital.

Stylish and Unique Apartments in the Historic Center of Athens

Even though there are areas around the city center that are quite densely populated with tall buildings that were mainly built during the 60s, a short walk within the historic center of the city -in the popular tourist areas like Plaka, Thissio, or Monastiraki- is enough to uncover a side of Athens with charming neoclassical buildings, impressive monuments, and iconic landmarks.

After all, that’s why these are among the neighborhoods that should be on your radar for your stay in Athens.

Below you’ll find a list of handpicked apartments in the heart of Athens for an unforgettable stay.

Athens Residence Apartments

Stylish apartments in a 19th-century neoclassical building

Pick one of the 6 modern and colorful Athens Residence Apartments and stay in an elegant 19th-century neoclassical building. A courtyard in the center of the apartments brings a sense of the old-time Athenian residences.

Athens Residence Apartments is a complex of elegantly decorated apartments located near Acropolis.
Courtesy: Athens Residence Apartments

Occupying the semi-basement, the ground floor, and the first floor, the apartments are divided into pairs of two. Bathed in natural light coming from the balcony doors and the large windows, the apartment’s interior has a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Athens Residence Apartments are located within walking distance from the Acropolis and close to the historic center of Athens.

  • Address: Tsami Karatasou 47, Athens 117 41
  • Phone: 0030 2109214491

Book one of the 6 Athens Residence Apartments here and spend a unique stay with your beloved ones.

The Athenians Modern Apartments

5 uniquely decorated apartments that bring the colors of Greece in the interior design

Named after Greece’s color palette, each one of the 5 Athenians Modern Apartments has a unique decoration and style. The modern apartments come in blue, green, orange, yellow, and gold, featuring natural materials and wooden elements.

The Athenians Modern Apartments are very well-decorated apartments with a modern touch close to the main tourist places.
Courtesy: The Athenians Modern Apartments

The collection’s crown jewel is the Gold Apartment, which is adorned with marble and golden details inspired by the Golden Age of Periklis. The Athenians Modern Apartments are located close to Syntagma square in the heart of Athens’ city center.

  • Address: Xenofontos 4, Athens 105 57
  • Phone: 0030 6973945868

Looking for an apartment in the area of Syntagma and close to the metro? Take a look at The Athenians Modern Apartments and pick the one that suits your style.

Rastoni Athens Suites near Acropolis

Athens of the past meets the city of today in these fully renovated apartments

Rastoni Athens Suites consist of 7 fully-renovated apartments that come in earth colors and natural materials. Embracing the romantic aesthetics of a bygone era, the apartments feature both classic and modern furniture.

Rastoni Athens Suites is located near Plaka and is just 15 15-minute walk from the center of Athens.
Courtesy: Rastoni Athens Suites

They all have a kitchenette as well as the necessary amenities and they can accommodate from 2 to 6 persons. Rastoni Athens Suites sit a few squares away from Syntagma Square, close to the scenic Plaka and Ermou Street.

  • Address: Skoufou 6, Athens 105 57
  • Phone: 0030 6976935171

Stay in a unique apartment close to all major attractions of Athens surrounded by restaurants and bars. Book your apartment here.

Central Apartments in Psiri

Enjoy a quality stay in a modern apartment in one of the most vibrant Athenian neighborhoods

Located in the bustling Psiri area, Central Apartments are within walking distance from Monastiraki square, Thissio, and Syntagma Square. In the morning, second-hand boutiques and local shops give life to the streets, while bars and restaurants welcome locals and tourists at night.

Enjoy your stay in Athens in this modern furnished apartment in the Psiri area.
Courtesy: Central Apartments in Psiri

The apartments’ living rooms come with custom-designed furniture in earthly colors, fully-equipped kitchens, and homey bedrooms.

Some feature one bedroom with extra sofa beds in the living room while others have three bedrooms accommodating up to 10 persons.

  • Address: Evmorfopoulou 2 & Epikourou 11, Athens105 53
  • Phone: 0030 6932293207

Be in the pulsating heart of Athens’ nightlife and explore the city day and night. Book your stay today.

A.P. Acropolis View Apartments

The luxury services of a high-end hotel and the warmth of an apartment in one place

A.P. Acropolis View Apartments offer the comfort and warmth of an apartment and the bespoke services of a hotel.

A garden with a terrace, an indoor swimming pool, and a fitness room are open to the aparthotel’s guests adding a dash of luxury to their stay.

A.P. Acropolis View Apartments Athens offers a wonderful view of the Parthenon.
Courtesy: A.P. Acropolis View Apartments

Offering two-bedroom apartments, a connecting family room, and suites with amazing views, A.P. Acropolis View Apartments are for business and leisure travelers, families, and couples. Plus, its convenient location in the Psiri neighborhood makes it the ideal starting point for city explorations.

  • Address: Sarri 23, Athens 105 54
  • Phone: 0030 6936513024

Pick your room in the A.P. Acropolis View Apartments and start your day with an amazing view of the Parthenon. Check your options here.

Apartments in Athens in the Less Touristy Areas of the City

The apartments Athens has to offer are not limited to all the usual touristy neighborhoods like Plaka and Syntagma.

Numerous other areas are ideal for those who are looking to get off the beaten track and explore an alternative side of Athens without having to stay too far away from the historic city center.

Neighborhoods like Pagkrati, Mets, Metaxourgeio, or Koukaki are ideal for experiencing a different side of Athens while also being absolutely safe and located just a short walk away from the city’s most popular tourist sites.

What’s more, choosing an apartment that’s only a few meters away from the touristy areas usually means booking a stay for a much lower price.

That being said, here are our top picks for the most impressive apartments in the less-touristy areas of Athens.

Athens Green Apartments

4-star elegant and upscale apartments in Athens’ most refined neighborhood

Situated in the upscale and quiet Mets neighborhood, Athens Green Apartments combine comfort and elegance. Resembling the old aristocratic Athenian houses, the 7 apartments lie around a scenic courtyard adorned with a 60-year-old lemon tree and olive trees.

Luxury apartment rental in the heart of Athens.
Courtesy: Athens Green Apartments

Apartments range from double studios to spacious apartments for up to 5 guests. And all of these are within a 2-min walk from the Panathenaic Stadium.

  • Address: Agras 25, Athens 116 35
  • Phone: 0030 2107523712

Spend some days like an Athenian aristocrat in the chic Athens Green Apartments in Mets. Book your stay now.

Athens Studios

Stay in an apartment in the heart of Athens and explore the city’s morning and night scene

Athens Studios’ privileged location, laid-back atmosphere, and high-end amenities have made it a top choice for visitors. You can choose among studios, apartments, and penthouses of different sizes and all at affordable prices.

A lovely apartment to stay in is only a 3 min walk from the Acropolis.
Courtesy: Athens Studios

Being close to metro stations, the Acropolis just around the corner, and stylish bars and cafes at the apartments’ doorsteps, Athens Studio works for all types of travelers visiting the Greek capital for business or leisure.

  • Address: Veikou 3, Athens 117 42
  • Phone: 0030 2109235811

From studios and apartments to penthouses, Athens Studios has something for all travelers. Check them out and choose where you want to spend your vacation in Athens.

LUX&EASY Athens Downtown Apartments

Find the comforts and quietness of an apartment and the amenities of a hotel in one place

From 1-bedroom apartments to penthouse suites, LUX&EASY Athens Downtown covers you no matter what you’re looking for.

Designed and decorated for the modern traveler who seeks comfort and style in the welcoming atmosphere of an apartment and, at the same time, the amenities of a quality hotel, Athens Downtown has it all.

Lux&Easy brings a new concept to short-term hospitality.
Courtesy LUX&EASY Athens Downtown

Its location, a step away from the Kato Patissia train station, will give you insight into an authentic Athenian neighborhood, and the historic center is only a 15-minute train ride.

  • Address: Kritovoulidou 11, Athens 104 45
  • Phone: 0030 2160705444

Choose one of the Athens Downtown Apartments and stay in a real local neighborhood in a gorgeous urban apartment.

Athens Homely Apartments

Cozy apartments for modern travelers

Located close to Metaxourgio square, Homely Apartments by Athens Stay are within a 10-minute walk from the National Archaeological Museum of Athens and Omonia square. All units come with parquet floors, minimal furniture, modern amenities and modern decor in pastel colors.

Homely Apartments is situated in the Metaxourgheio Area within Athens’s center and is a 15-minute walk from the Monastiraki Area.
Courtesy: Athens Homely Apartments

Their simplicity will make you feel at home and will give you a taste of the city’s authentic side. Some of them also feature a balcony, ideal for relaxing in the evening with your co-travelers watching Athens from above.

  • Address: Viktoros Ougko 26, Athens 104 38
  • Phone: 0030 2109220486

Experience the comforts of home away from home in the heart of the Greek capital. Book your stay here.

Omnia Pagrati Apartments

Stay in the heart of the Pagrati neighborhood and mingle with the city’s hip crowd

Offering units of different sizes and with various interior designs, Omnia Pagrati Apartments can accommodate couples, families, or groups of friends. As the name implies, the apartments are situated in the hip Pagrati area amid bars, restaurants, and clothing boutiques.

The stylish modern design perfectly combines functionality with comfort, offering a pleasant accommodation experience at a very affordable price.
Courtesy: Omnia Pagrati Apartments

Just a stone’s throw away from the units stands the Pagrati Grove while the Panathenaic Stadium is within a 15-minute walk. The apartments’ decor is simple and minimal with details in colors from the earth-tone palette.

  • Address: Chremonidou 30 Str, Athens 116 33
  • Phone: 0030 2107001426

Share a modern apartment with your beloved ones and spend some quality moments in Athens.

All in all, spending your holidays in an apartment in Athens offers an authentic experience and makes you feel like a local and is ideal for those traveling on a budget.

No matter which area you prefer or what type of apartment you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty of options and we made sure to gather the best ones.

Featured image courtesy: Marioguti / Canvapro

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