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Combined Ticket for the Acropolis & all the Archaeological Sites in Athens [Skip the Line with a Single Ticket]

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Whether you’re visiting Athens for the first time or returning, you can’t miss the chance to visit some of the top archaeological sites of the city, like the Acropolis, the Roman Agora, the Temple of Zeus, and the ancient cemetery of Kerameikos.

However, fitting everything into your schedule will be a real challenge, and if you did your research online, you already know that there is an abundance of travel cards, tickets, tours, and activities that offer skip-the-line access to several different combinations of attractions.

Luckily for you, we have reviewed all the available options to find the easiest and most budget-friendly way to visit all the must-see sites; and we decided that pre-booking a combined ticket for the best ancient attractions in Athens should be among your top priorities.

In this review, we’ll highlight one of the most popular combined tickets available in Athens called the “Athens Combo Ticket.” Including a single skip-the-line ticket for the Acropolis and six more of the most popular Archaeological sites in the city, the Athens Combo Ticket saves you a lot of time by avoiding long queues of tourists.

Below, you’ll find a list of what this combined, skip-the-line ticket includes, the reasons why we decided to feature it as one of the most value-for-money ways to experience the glory of ancient Athens, and a step-by-step guide on how to book yours today.

What is a Combined Ticket for the Archaeological Sites of Athens?

As the name suggests, a combined ticket for the archaeological attractions in Athens is a complete solution for skip-the-line tickets to the most important archaeological sites in the city, in most cases including the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, the Roman Agora, and more!

A pre-booked combined ticket will save a significant amount of time by skipping the neverending queues that are always to be found at the entrances of each popular site.

In addition, the tickets are valid for multiple days after the first use, meaning you can plan your visit without entering every site in a single day. And the best part? You can book a Combined Ticket for the Top Archaeological Sites in Athens anytime before you get here and get a single ticket for all the sites delivered directly to your email in just a few steps.

Keep reading to find out exactly which sites the Athens Combo Ticket includes.

What Is Included in a Combined Ticket for the Archaeological Sites of Athens

A combined ticket for the archaeological sites of Athens might include any combination of attractions in the city of Athens – in most cases starting with the Acropolis. However, the handpicked combination of sites included in the Athens Combo Ticket makes it easily stand out among all your other options. In addition, by booking the Athens Combo Ticket you can get skip-the-line access to all the must-see sites in the city with just a single ticket that will be instantly delivered to your phone.

Here’s a list of all the archaeological sites included in the Athens Combo Ticket.

The Athens Combo Ticket includes:

  • Skip-the-line-access to the Acropolis and the Slopes
  • Skip-the-line-access to the Ancient Agora
  • Skip-the-line-access to the Roman Agora
  • Skip-the-line-access to the Temple of Olympian Zeus
  • Skip-the-line-access to Aristotle’s School (Lyceum)
  • Skip-the-line-access to Hadrian’s Library
  • Skip-the-line-access to the Ancient Cemetery of Kerameikos

In essence, these are the most important archaeological sites you should visit in Athens to get in touch with the city’s history and culture and experience the splendor of its Golden Age.

Being able to climb up the sacred Hill of the Acropolis, travel back in time while strolling through the Roman and the Ancient Agora or the necropolis of Kerameikos, marvel at the columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and explore renowned historical attractions like the Lyceum of Aristotle, all with a single skip-the-line ticket, is an opportunity you really can’t afford to miss!

Is the Athens Combo Ticket worth it? A Price Comparison

The Athens Combo Ticket allows you to visit all the must-see attractions in Athens not only at a lower price but, more importantly, without having to endure waiting in long queues or looking for ticket offices all around the city. Below you’ll find a complete price breakdown so you know exactly how much money you can save by booking the Athens Combo Ticket compared to what you would pay for each site separately. Bear in mind that apart from the price and skipping the line, the Athens Combo Ticket has another great perk: it’s valid for 5 days (starting from the day you choose to activate it), so you don’t have to worry about visiting every place in a single day.

Traveling to Athens from April 1 to October 31

AttractionPrice in EUROAre there often
Long Queues?
Acropolis, Parthenon and the Slopes20always
Ancient Agora10always
Roman Agora8always
Hadrian’s Library6always
Aristotle’s School (Lyceum)4always
Total Price64
Athens Combo

As seen above, the Athens Combo Ticket will save you a lot of money for your trip to Athens. It’s the most affordable solution, even if you’re not planning to visit every attraction on the list! The real value it gives you, however, and the reason why we highly recommend using it, is that it allows you to skip the line and to be able to visit any site for a duration of 5 days with just a single ticket.

Please note that the prices above were valid when this article was last edited. The price of the Athens Combined Ticket (or the attractions) may change in the future, but we’ll try to always keep this price breakdown up to date!

How to Book your Athens Combo Ticket: A Step-by-Step Guide

Book your Athens Combo Ticket easily via this link

Booking an Athens Combo Ticket for a few friends or even a large group of people will only take a few clicks. All you have to do is visit, select a number of tickets and your dates, complete the payment, and you’ll get your tickets delivered to your email instantly! We’ll go over all the steps below to simplify the booking process.

Step 1

Use this link and visit the Athens Combo Ticket page on

Step 2

Scroll down on the page, select your preferred dates, timeslot, and the number of tickets, and click “Book now

Before continuing some important information to keep in mind:

  • The chosen timeslot specifically pertains to the Acropolis. The other included sites can be explored over a span of five days.
  • Additionally, it’s worth noting that entrance is permitted from 15 minutes before your selected time up to 60 minutes afterward.

Step 3

A box will pop up below with an overview of your booking, including the number of tickets you have selected and the total price. Review your booking and click “Go to the Next Step“.

Step 4

Now, a second box will show all your cancelation options. Review your booking and click “Go to the Next Step“.

Step 5

Fill out the form with your contact details and your email, and hit “Confirm your booking.”

Step 6

Select your preferred payment method, complete the details, and hit “Proceed to Payment”. Note that many alternative options exist, like credit cards, PayPal, GiroPay, iDeal, and AliPay. Depending on your choice, you will be redirected to a secure environment where the transaction will be completed.

Step 7

Complete the payment, and you’re done! After a few seconds, the tickets will be delivered to your email.

Book now: Combo ticket for 7 archeological sites in Athens

Who issues the Athens Combo Ticket?

The Athens Combo Ticket is issued by, one of the world’s most popular online tour booking platforms, trusted by millions of travelers annually.

The safety of all personal data, payments, and transactions made through the platform is 100% guaranteed.

Book now: Athens Combo Ticket

Is there any disadvantage to the Athens Combo Ticket?

As all our readers know, we take great pride in being completely transparent with all the travel services we recommend.

That’s why we always try to point out any drawbacks we have spotted while reviewing hotels, tours, activities, tickets, and everything in between. In this case, the Athens Combo Ticket is the easiest way to get skip-the-line access to the city’s top attractions. However, one important attraction is missing from the list: the Acropolis Museum.

Luckily, we’ll present a great alternative option right below for those who want to include their famous museum in their visit.

Athens Pass: The best alternative Combined Ticket for the Top Archaeological Sites in Athens

The Athens Pass is an excellent alternative to the Athens Combo Ticket.

It offers skip-the-line tickets to all the archaeological sites included in the Athens Combo Ticket, but it also has skip-the-line access to the Acropolis Museum as well as an Audio City Guide app for Athens for more than 100 attractions scattered throughout the city. These additional perks make it more expensive, but ideal for those who want to complement their visit to the Acropolis Hill with a subsequent visit to the Acropolis Museum.

Click the link below and read our full review of the Athens Pass.

Our final thoughts on the Athens Combo Ticket: Is it worth it?

The Athens Combo Ticket stands out among all your other options for combined skip-the-line tickets to the most important archaeological sites in Athens (just a look at its reviews will prove our point!). The reason why we chose to review it in this post is that it is straightforward to book, it’s valid for five days from the first day you use it, and most importantly, it allows you to enter each site with a single ticket, making your visit to the top attractions of our city a seamless experience.

In addition, we’d like to remind you that Athens by Locals relies exclusively on its readers for support.

As you know, we have kept our website free of annoying ads, banners, pop-ups, and paid sponsored posts. By booking the Athens Combo Ticket through our site, you’ll help us keep Athens by locals completely ad-free, with objective and reliable content, without paying a single cent extra!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Athens Combo Ticket

In this section, you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Athens Combo Ticket and the booking process on

How long is the Athens Combo Ticket valid for?

The Athens Combo Ticket is valid for five days from the first day of activation – meaning the first time you use it at one of the archaeological sites.

Do I need to print out the Athens Combo Ticket?

No. All you have to do is get to the entrance of each site and scan the ticket on your phone at the ticket validating machine.

What if I have technical problems or need help with booking?

If you are having any issues with booking your Athens Combo Ticket, you can contact the support team of Tiqets 24/7, all year round, through phone, email and Whatsapp.

How can I pay for the Athens Combo Ticket?

As described in the step-by-step guide above, you can pay for the Athens Combo Ticket with a PayPal or Google Pay credit card.

Are payments on safe? is one of the most popular online tour booking engines on the planet. Rest assured that the safety of your personal data and all transaction information are 100% safe.

What if the Athens Combo Ticket is temporarily sold out?

In rare cases, the Athens Combo Ticket might be temporarily sold out. No need to fret; wait a few hours and refresh the page. If that still doesn’t work, feel free to contact us – we’ll be happy to help you book your tickets!

Will I pay more by clicking the link I found on Athens by Locals?

Absolutely not. You can support Athens by Locals by buying your tickets and other experiences through our links while paying nothing extra at all!

Acropolis Combo ticket where to buy?

What means ”skip the line” ticket?

“Skip the line” is a convenient way to avoid waiting in the ticket office queue when purchasing a ticket. For our readers planning to visit the Acropolis, we highly recommend using the south entrance, also known as the Dionysus Theater entrance. Unlike the main entrance, this entrance is much less crowded and busy, mainly preferred by small group tours and skip-the-line tours. This route allows visitors to easily bypass the massive crowds and enjoy a smoother entry to the Acropolis.

All in all, after thorough research on the best skip-the-line ticket combinations, delivered online through various sources, we strongly recommend the Athens Combo Ticket due to its straightforward booking process, the stellar reviews it has gotten so far, and the inclusion of the all the must-see archaeological sites of the city in a single pre-booked ticket.

Book yours today and start planning the perfect getaway to Athens.

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