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Cruise From Athens

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A cruise from Athens on a luxurious rib or even a private yacht provides the perfect contrast to the city during your travel to Athens. Where is the exact opposite place to be than in the middle of Athens’ center surrounded by millions of people? In the middle of the Aegean Sea on a private yacht charter from Athens en route to one of the invigorating Greek islands.

Touring the beautiful Greek waters has been a popular tradition for residents and tourists in Greece since the 1960s.

Year-round warm weather, clear skies, and calm waters make embarking in one of the exclusive private Greek island cruises a relaxing and enjoyable activity and an enlivening adventure, especially during the peak cruising period of April through November.

A Relaxing First-Class Experience

The country of Greece is one of the largest yachting centers in the world.

Every year, thousands of people embark on a luxury rib or a private yacht, some with a professional staff who tends to their every desire, including preparing luxurious meals for them and their guests to enjoy on the deck of the yacht, either under the warm Greek sun or under the dark night sky illuminated by millions of brightly glowing stars.

When you’re out in the middle of the sea on your private yacht cruise from Athens, everything is yours. You are the only one for miles. The sun is yours, the sky is yours, the beautiful light blue waters are yours.

It’s an entirely different universe compared to your Athens adventures and is a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city before going back for some more exploring.

private yacht cruise from Athens
Imagine a private cruise from Athens on a modern motor yacht with a professional skipper

A Private Yacht Experience for Any Traveler

There are a few different kinds of yachts to choose from on your Greek island cruises. The smallest and most intimate of yachts are sailing yachts.

These sea vessels are powered almost entirely by the warm sea breezes but are equipped with a small auxiliary motor, in case it is needed.

cruise from athens with a sailing yacht
Take an Athens cruise and explore the best of Greece by sea

The motor sailors are the opposite of the sailing yachts. These vessels are almost entirely powered by a motor but are equipped with sails in case you want to calmly drift through the Aegean Sea.

Then, there are motor yachts. These are the super luxurious and fast mega-speed boats that come equipped with comfortable living areas, sprawling decks, and a big kitchen to do your cooking (or have it done for you).

yacht cruise from athens
Explore the Athenian coast and nearby islands just half an hour away from the center of Athens

Whatever Travel Desires You Have

When choosing which yacht charter from Athens to take, it’s all about your specific tastes and budget.

If you don’t need the fancy stuff, and just want to experience one of the Greek island cruises in a private atmosphere then perhaps a sailing yacht or a luxury rib is for you.

On the other side, if you want to travel these historic waters in complete elegance and opulence then you’ll love the big motor yachts.

luxury rib cruise from athens
Rent a luxury rib to create unforgettable sea experiences and change the way you experience sea traveling

Where To Go

When you’re on a private cruise from Athens, your options are basically endless. Any island you want to explore, any aquatic path you want to venture down, you can.

Most of the yachting and luxury rib companies operating in the area will be glad to set up reservations for you and your guests at any island you want to dock at.

They can even arrange a helicopter or private jet pick-up if you want to travel like a true millionaire (or if you are a true millionaire).

sailing athens greece options
If you’re looking for an extra activity to add to your Athens city break, a cruise is a great idea!

The Highlight of Your Cruise

Taking your own personal mini Greek island cruise can be a genuinely rewarding experience, and will definitely leave you with a majestic and lavish memory of your trip to the Greek capital.

A cruise from Athens is the perfect idea for any traveler who wants to get away from the Athens city center for a day or two, throw on their bathing suit, and enjoy the open seas and the exotic Greek islands.

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