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LGBTQI+ Travelers: A Guide To Gay Athens

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Athens may not be at the top of the “most gay-friendly cities worldwide,” but its LGBTQI+ scene has seen a lot of new additions and changes over the past few years. Cultural spaces, museums, and cafe bars that embrace and promote diversity have popped up all over the city.

So, LGBTQI+ travelers here is a detailed guide to gay Athens for all tastes and ages.

Gay-friendly Neighborhoods in Athens

Athens is generally a LGBTQI+ friendly city. Especially if you are planning to stay and explore the central neighborhoods of the city, you’ll have no problem spotting gay-friendly cafes, bars and events and mingling with the local crowds.

That being said, a few areas in downtown Athens are known for being LGBTQI+ vibrant hubs for both locals and visitors.

Here are a few of the most famous gay-friendly neighborhoods in Athens.

Syntagma Neighborhood

The streets around Syntagma are the beating heart of Athens. Split in half by the famous shopping street called Ermou, Syntagma brims with cafes, bars, and eateries of all kinds that attract crowds.

Syntagma Square in Athens

Here you’ll be able to find gay-friendly spots that are designed to cater to every age and preference. Syntagma is also the area where the Athens Pride festival takes place every year, usually during June.

  • How to get there: Syntagma metro station (blue and red line)

The Kerameikos (Gazi) neighborhood

Home to several gay-friendly places, Gazi has had the reputation of Athens’ most gay-friendly neighborhood for over a decade. Even though the area has lost part of its glory over the years and has been transformed several times, it still lives up to its reputation. Every weekend, the streets around Kerameikos metro station are packed with the city’s young queer crowd. You’ll see them lined up in front of the city’s most bustling nightclubs such as Sodade2, Noiz Club, and BEqueer, or on their way to bar hopping. And even if you are not in the mood for clubbing, you’ll find many restaurants and bars to spend a relaxed night out.

  • How to get there: Kerameikos metro station (blue line)

Monastiraki and Psyrri Neighborhoods

Both Monastiraki and Psyrri’s streets really come to life after the sun sets. These are two of the most famous nightlife hubs in Athens, especially popular with younger crowds and people looking to party until the first rays of dawn. Their narrow streets brim with numerous gay-friendly bars and cafes that will satisfy no visitor. While there, make sure to stop by Agias Eirinis Square – one of the most famous spots in the city.

  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro station (blue and green line)
If there is a place that will introduce you to the hippest aspect of Athens, this is Agias Eirinis square. Courtesy: Athens By Locals

Protogenous street

Even though not technically a neighborhood, this little street definitely deserves a special mention in this guide. The hip Protogenous street in the area of Psyrri lures the city’s queer and stylish crowd. Lined with funky bars, a high-end hair salon, and clothing shops, the narrow alley in the heart of the city center brims with life from early morning to late at night. You can take a morning walk for window-shopping and homemade lemonade in Barrett bar or go on a stroll in the evening for a glass of wine at Tranzistor’s outdoor tables.

How to get there: Monastiraki metro station (blue and green line)

Gay Bars and Cafes in Athens

Athens has many gay bars and cafes spread throughout the most central neighborhoods like Kerameikos, Syntagma and Monastiraki, ranging from underground hip bars to cozy all-day cafes and flashy cocktail bars.

Below, you will find all our favorite picks you should not miss.

Beaver Cooperativa

Located in the Gazi neighborhood, Beaver Cooperativa is a cozy cafe with a warm atmosphere ideal for unwinding throughout the day. Founded by 8 women, Beaver’s philosophy is to provide a space that promotes gender equality and the importance of collectivism.

Homemade vegan cakes and desserts, high-quality coffee, organic wines, and tasty local products comprise the exceptional menu that covers all tastes. Keep an eye out on their social media platforms for upcoming parties, workshops, poetry nights, and bazaars that often take place.

  • Address: Vasiliou Tou Megalou 46Α, Athina 118 54
  • Neighborhood: Gazi
  • Telephone: +30 21 1210 3540
  • How to get there: Kerameikos metro station (blue line)

Booze Cooperativa

Housed in a two-store neoclassical building with a cozy little backyard, BOOZE has operated since 1989 as a meeting point for artists, artisans, musicians and the city’s bohemian crowd.

Its stylish decoration and the eclectic music selected by some of the city’s best DJs create a warm and mysterious atmosphere.

Courtesy: Booze Cooperativa

You’ll often find art exhibitions, bazaars, concerts, and performances in the building’s separate rooms. Check out their website or pass by as you explore the historic city center.

  • Address: Kolokotroni 57 Athina, 105 60
  • Neighborhood: Monastiraki
  • Telephone: +30 21 1405 3733
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro station (blue and green line)


Communitism is a self-funded sociocultural project, which aims to mobilize social structures into reactivating abandoned buildings of our cultural heritage. The building that houses this initiative lies on Kerameikou street 28 in Metaxourgeio.

Featuring a two-story indoor space and a cozy courtyard, the building serves as a meeting point as well as a venue for exhibitions, projects and workshops of local and international artists.

  • Address: Kerameikos 28, Athina 104 36
  • Neighborhood: Metaxourgeio
  • How to get there: Metaxourgeio metro station (red line)


Situated in the cobblestoned Avdi square in Metaxourgio, the all-day cafe bar Myrovolos is ideal for a morning coffee or an early-evening cocktail. Its outdoor tables lie underneath flourished trees while its interior decoration boasts a laid-back atmosphere.

Myrovolos is a gay bar-restaurant, with tables on Avdi Square in Keramikos.
Courtesy: Myrovolos

On the weekends and some weekdays, well-known female DJs take over the music selection, sparking up the vibe. The crowd here is a mix of locals and tourists of all ages and genders. On their menu, you’ll find a variety of delicacies and high-quality drinks and beverages.

  • Address: Giatrakou 12, Athina 104 36
  • Neighborhood: Metaxourgeio
  • Telephone: +30 21 0522 8806
  • How to get there: Metaxourgeio metro station (red line)

LGBTQI+ Nightlife in Athens

Although the LGBTQI+ nightlife scene in Athens is not as established or as wide-ranging as in other European capitals, numerous nightclubs should certainly be on your radar while visiting the city. In most cases, gay bars and clubs are found in the neighborhoods of Kerameikos (Gazi), Monastiraki and Psyrri in downtown Athens.

Here are a few ideas for an exceptional night out in Athens.


Just a few minutes away from Gazi Square, S-Cape is a relatively spacious gay nightclub that features several dance floors and bars where guests can socialize and dance under the sounds of electronic techno music.

Like most nightclubs in the area, S-Cape gets really crowded on Fridays and Saturdays, so you may have to wait in line for quite some time before getting in.

  • Address: Iakchou 32, Athina 118 54
  • Opening hours: 11.30 pm to 5 am daily
  • How to get there: Kerameikos metro station (blue line)

Shamone Club

Shamone Club is a splashy gay nightclub that frequently hosts dance performances, live Dj sets and themed parties in the neighborhood of Kerameikos. Its dancefloor is lit up by a dazzling lighting system that sets the mood for long nights of partying.

Shamone Club also features a small outdoor patio to catch your breath and mingle with the locals.

  • Address: Konstantinoupoleos Ave. 46, Athina 118 54
  • Opening hours: 10 pm to 6 am on Fridays and Saturdays, 9 am to 3 am on Sundays
  • How to get there: Kerameikos metro station (blue line)


This one is probably the most well-known gay nightclub in Athens, especially among younger people. Sodade2 has two dance floors, but one is only open on weekends when the club gets really busy and lively, with people looking to party until morning.

Courtesy: Sodade2

The DJs play all kinds of music, from Greek pop hits to rowdy techno beats. Bear in mind that the club has an entrance fee that includes a free drink.

  • Address: Triptolemou 10, Athina 118 54
  • Opening hours: 12 am to 6 am every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • How to get there: Kerameikos metro station (blue line)

LGBTQI+ Points of Interest in Athens

Apart from cocktail bars, cafes and nightclubs, several other LGBTQI+ points of interest in Athens are more than certainly worth your time. For example, who thought that the city would be home to a museum dedicated to queer arts?

Find out more below, along with a few more unique experiences you can have in Athens as an LGBTQI+ visitor.

There are several LGBTQI+ points of interest in Athens

The Athens Museum of Queer Arts

Examining and promoting sexuality and gender through research and arts, the hybrid Athens Museum of Queer Arts serves as a meeting point.

Performances, screenings, concerts, workshops, and other events frequently take place, bringing together feminist, queer groups, artists, researchers, and the audience. Moreover, it features a rich archive of artworks, zines, interviews, films, and photographs that examine the Greek LGBTQI+ movements.

  • Address: Patision Str. 14, Athina 106 77
  • How to get there: Omonia metro station (green and red line)

Onassis Cultural Center Athens

One of Greece’s most popular cultural foundations, Οnassis Cultural Center Athens, boasts a year-round rich and diverse event agenda.

From performances and shows to concerts and exhibitions, the cutting-edge venue hosts cultural events of all genres that aim to trigger bold discussions that shape and shake society.

  • Address: Andrea Syggrou 107, Athina 117 45
  • How to get there: Syngrou-fix metro (red line)
Courtesy: Onassis Cultural Center Athens

Sub Rosa Space

Founded in 2018 by artist-curator Macklin Kowal, Sub Rosa Space is one of Athens’s most modern and fresh performance venues.

Its exhibitions by local and international artists are centered around gender, identity, and the body, aiming to spark up discussions between the artists and audiences. Sub Rosa Space is located in Athens city center just a few meters away from Monastiraki square.

  • Address: Praxitelous 37, Athina 105 60
  • How to get there: Panepistimio metro station (red line)


The non-profit cultural organization Atopos CVC hosts innovative contemporary visual culture projects that are mainly focused on the human body.

Founded in 2003 by Stamos Fafalios and Vassilis Zidianakis, two professionals in art, architecture, fashion and anthropology, the modern art platform features thought-provoking exhibitions, publications, performances and events in the center of Athens.

  • Address: Salaminos 72, Athina 104 35
  • Telephone: +30 21 0883 8151
  • How to get there: Metaxourgeio metro station (red line)

The Project Gallery

The Project Gallery spans the full spectrum of contemporary art from exhibitions and open discussions to live acts and performances. The modern, cutting-edge gallery in the Monastiraki neighborhood focuses on thematic group exhibitions, putting current international art production on the epicenter.

  • Address: Normanou 3, Athina 105 55
  • Telephone: +30 21 3043 6954
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro station (green and blue line)

Hyper Hypo

Featuring both popular and lesser-known publications as well as special editions, prints, and posters by Greek photographers and artists, Hyper Hypo aspires to be an innovative, diverse cultural space.

It opened its doors for the first time in 2021 bringing a new meeting point in the center of Athens. It often hosts speeches, readings, pop-up shops, screenings, exhibitions, performances and parties in the basement.

  • Address: Voreou 10, Athina 105 51
  • Telephone: +30 21 1735 9628
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro station (green and blue line)

LGBTQI+ Festivals in Athens

Even though there are not many LGBTQI+ festivals in Athens regularly, some draw all eyes to them and shouldn’t be missing from your itinerary.

Keep in mind that the LGBTQI+ scene of Athens is growing rapidly and that we’re certain that many more will follow in the coming years.

Here are our suggestions for the most impressive LGBTQI+ festivals in Athens.

Athens Pride

Every June, the LGBTQI+ community celebrates Athens Pride with one week full of exhibitions, concerts, events, and, of course, the most colorful parade. The Athens Pride parade took place for the first time in 2005 in Klafthmonos Square, but since 2017, it has been moved to Syntagma Square.

For one day, the streets around the Hellenic Parliament are packed with thousands of people celebrating diversity. The week before the Athens Pride parade, exhibitions, workshops, discussions, and other events occur in several venues around the city.

For more information on the dates, events and exhibitions of the festival, you can have a look at their official website here.

Athens Pride Festival in Athens

The Queer Archive Festival

The Queer Archive Festival is an initiative of the Onassis Foundation that celebrates diversity and supports inclusivity with actions rather than words. The festival features extraordinary multimedia experiences, film screenings, block parties, art exhibitions, dance performances and theatrical plays that promote contemporary queer art and reflect the modern LGBTQI+ culture of Athens.

For more information on the events, venues and dates of the festival, take a look at their website here.

Whether you opt to learn more about the Athenian LGBTQI+ community, meet new people or enjoy contemporary exhibitions, the Greek capital won’t disappoint you.

From alternative cultural spaces and galleries to unpretentious cafes and bars, this gay guide to Athens has it all. Discover them today.

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