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Experience the Fairytale Magic of Little Kook on Pittaki Street

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When Little Kook opened its doors in 2016, its founders were certainly aiming to impress but it’s rather unlikely that they could have predicted what a great impact it would have on Pittaki street and the neighborhood of Psyrri as a whole.

Little Kook is much more than a cafe or a pastry shop. It’s beyond any doubt the most dreamy spot in Athens, a place that looks like a real-life fairytale.

The moment you enter Little Kook you enter a fairytale. Courtesy: Athens By Locals

Housed in a two-storey neoclassical building, Little Kook was created with a mission to transport visitors to a faraway imaginary land of princesses, goblins, elves, and whimsical sprites. And the masterminds behind it have really over-delivered.

After all, recreating a vivid fantasy in real life was probably more of a personal matter.

Little Kook is located on a side street of the hip Psiri neighborhood, just in front of the cheery Pittaki Street.
Courtesy: Athens By Locals

Little Kook was actually the name of an elf that resided in the childhood imagination of one of the founders who had a great love for Christmas celebrations and fairytales.

This passion becomes apparent before even entering the enchanting cafe as it changes decoration frequently to match the season or events like Helloween, with Christmas being clearly its most celebrated time of the year when the wooden soldiers, reindeers, elves, and Santa statues take over its colorful entrance that’s adorned with thousands of lights and ornaments.

Little Kook in Athens is a themed cafe that will bring back your childhood memories.
Courtesy: Athens By Locals

Little Kook is equally spectacular inside, where you’ll find magnificent furniture and decorations inspired by fairytales and fantasy worlds.

The rooms of each floor feature different themes. Here you might encounter colorful characters from “Alice in Wonderland”, medieval knights, gothic furniture, the Brothers Grimm room, and, of course, the Christmas room where each and every day is Christmas day.

Make sure to stop by for a hot chocolate or a slice of velvet cake and don’t be surprised if your waiter looks exactly like Cinderella, Tinkerbell, or Snow White!

Tinkerbell does her magic. Courtesy: Little KooΚ

The staff at Little Kook take part in the experience by dressing up as famous fairytale characters and mythical heroes.

Little Kook has completely transformed Pittaki Street into a magical place that has become one of the most photographed spots in Athens.

It goes without saying that a visit to Pittaki street is one of the best things to do in Athens with kids.

  • Address: Karaiskaki 17, 10554 Athens
  • Phone number: 0030 2103214144
  • Opening hours: Daily from 9 am to midnight

How Pittaki Street Rose to Fame

Pittaki street is located in the center of Psyrri, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Athens that combines tradition and modernity, brimming with koutoukia (traditional Greek tavernas), vintage fashion stores, hip cafes, and colorful cocktail bars.

Pittaki used to be a forgotten street, leftover from the industrial years of Psyrri when it was home to tailor workshops, warehouses, and tiny stores.

But in 2012, a non-profit organization called Imagine The City teamed up with Beforelight, a local design studio to rejuvenate the shady street.

They called out to locals for used items that could be used to light up the street and the response was astonishing.

Soon enough, the team had gathered an impressive number of shades, lamps, lanterns, and even chandeliers of all kinds and colors.

These were used to create a weatherproof steel wire canopy over the street that quickly turned it into the most well-lit street in the area.

A few years ago this light art installation had turned Pittaki street into a charming alley.
Courtesy: Jeff Nyveen /

If you have visited Athens in the past few years, you might have had the chance to pass by Pittaki Street while it was still a magical alleyway with amazing street art installations.

Sadly, this remarkable endeavor came to a halt due to rising concerns over safety regulations by local authorities.

Unfortunately, today, Pittaki street has gone back to being nothing more than another narrow street in Psyrri – apart from the fact that it’s home to the marvelous Little Kook of course.

And a fun fact: Pittaki Street is also home to Limba, an underground space that its founders call a “rage room”, a place where visitors can use baseball bats to beat, break, smash and destroy all kinds of stuff including bottles, ceramics, TVs and furniture! Limba is proof enough that Athens will never cease to amaze us.

How to get to Little Kook on Pittaki Street

Pittaki street is located in Psyrri, just a few minutes away from Monastiraki Square.

You can easily find it by walking down Ermou street and turning right where the impressive canopy starts.

The easiest way to get there is by getting to the Monastiraki metro station (green and blue line). Alternatively, if you feel like taking a longer walk and doing some window shopping on the way, you can also stroll down Ermou street from Syntagma Square.

To conclude, a visit to Little Kook is a must for your next trip to Athens.

It’s one of the most extraordinary sights you can experience in the city especially if you are traveling with kids (or if you want to feel like kids yourselves!).

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