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Splendid Museum Restaurants and Cafés in Athens

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Athens is known for being home to an abundance of magnificent museums. Athens is also known for its mouthwatering gastronomy. What do you get when you combine the two? Splendid museum restaurants and cafés offer much more than a chance to catch your breath while struggling to fit several museum visits in a single day.

But it wasn’t always like this. Not long ago, most museums in Athens were mere resting spots for weary travelers in need of a quick bite or a cup of coffee.

It wasn’t until the new Acropolis Museum opened its doors to the public -along with its fabulous restaurant that offers amazing views of the Parthenon- that alluring museum restaurants and cafés started popping up around Athens.

Nowadays, one could argue that they are attractions in their own right, offering delicious finger food, sophisticated coffee, high-end wine, and live music gigs in extraordinary settings.

Read on to discover some excellent museum restaurants and cafés in Athens and schedule some time off after each museum visit; we are certain you will not regret it.

Acropolis Museum Café & Restaurant

The Acropolis Museum is rightfully at the top of our list.

Athens’ most recent gem features a modern venue that serves both as a cafe and a restaurant on the second floor, high above the surrounding buildings of the Koukaki neighborhood, allowing visitors to enjoy their meal while marveling at Acropolis Hill and the Parthenon.

The venue is open until late in the evening, and it offers both indoor seating and a rooftop terrace that has become one of the most beautiful spots in the city.

Acropolis Museum Restaurant and Cafe: The terrace tables face the Parthenon directly.
Courtesy: Acropolis Museum

Even though the Acropolis Museum is located downtown in a neighborhood that brims with upscale restaurants and all kinds of eateries, its restaurant is worth a visit, even if you have no interest in visiting the museum itself.

It serves traditional Greek cuisine with a modern twist, using almost exclusively local seasonal products and features a children’s menu.

  • Address: 15 Dionysiou Areopagitou, Acropolis, 117 42
  • Tel: +30 210 900 0915
  • Website: Click here
  • How to get there: Acropolis metro station (red line)

Combine your visit to the Acropolis Museum Cafe and Restaurant with a sightseeing tour. Book your tickets for the Acropolis Museum online now, or join a small group guided tour of the Acropolis! Free cancelation – Skip the line ticket!

Museum of Cycladic Art Café

Housed in the Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art in Kolonaki, the Museum of Cycladic Art Café is the work of famous architect Stelios Kois, who was tasked with renovating the museum’s café space.

The result is a tiny oasis in the heart of the museum with the neoclassical wings on one side and the more contemporary annex on the other.

Even though the Museum of Cycladic Art Café is indoors, a glass roof combined with the plant-covered walls will make you feel that you are seated on an alfresco terrace.

In the atrium of Cycladic Café, minimal aesthetics meet authentic Cycladic tastes.
Courtesy: Museum of Cycladic Art – Paris Tavitian

The cafe’s minimalist aesthetics align with the museum and the upscale neighborhood of Kolonaki in which it is located.

It serves delicious breakfast, brunch coffee, and snacks that are ideal for a quick pit stop while sightseeing.

  • Address: 4 Neofytou Douka, Kolonaki, 106 75
  • Tel.: +30 210 722 8321
  • Website: Click here
  • How to get there: Evangelismos metro station (blue line)

Book your tickets online now! Explore the Museum of Cycladic Art and discover the extensive collection of art and artifacts from the ancient cultures of Aegean and Cyprus.

Benaki Museum Rooftop Café & Restaurant

Benaki Museum is located in the chic neighborhood of Kolonaki. It will likely be included in your Athens itinerary, especially if you are an art lover or a history buff.

It houses an incredible collection that showcases the country’s turbulent history and rich cultural heritage and a rooftop cafe-restaurant that is just as spectacular.

Benaki Museum Rooftop Café & Restaurant
Benaki Museum Rooftop Café & Restaurant.
Courtesy: Benaki Museum

The museum’s cafe is located on the top-floor terrace, offering impeccable views over the National Gardens of Athens and the Panathenaic Stadium as well as a laid-back atmosphere that will make you forget that you are in one of the most central spots in the city.

Its menu is not extensive but includes simple and delicious traditional Greek dishes that are ideal for a light lunch and a short break from getting around the city.

  • Address: 1 Koumbari, Kolonaki, 106 74
  • Tel.: +30 210 367 1000
  • Website: Click here
  • How to get there: Evangelismos metro station (blue line)

Benaki Museum Cafe (Pireos Street)

Benaki Museum’s second branch, located on Pireos Street just a few minutes away from the area of Kerameikos, features a collection of modern art and hosts art and photography exhibitions by both local and international artists.

It’s a must for those who are looking for the more contemporary side of Athens and who enjoy discovering the work of up-and-coming artists.

The museum’s cafe is just as cozy and elegant as the central Benaki Museum cafe, with a short menu and a few delicious options for breakfast and lunch.

Benaki Museum Cafe (Pireos Street).
Courtesy: Benaki Museum
  • Address: 138 Pireos & Andronikou, Gazi
  • Tel.: +30 210 345 3111
  • Website: Click here
  • How to get there: Kerameikos metro station (blue line)

Benaki Museum of Islamic Art Café

The Benaki Museum of Islamic Art Café is one of the lesser-known spots on this list but one that is definitely worth your attention.

This tiny enchanting cafe enjoys one of the most privileged locations in the city of Athens; on the top floor of the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art, overlooking the archaeological site of Kerameikos, the Thission neighborhood, and the amazing Acropolis Hill.

It features a cozy balcony outside and a beautiful space inside, decorated with an oriental-style mural by artist Navine Khan-Dossos.

Benaki Museum of Islamic Art Café.
Courtesy: Benaki Museum of Islamic Art

Its menu offers a few options for breakfast, coffee, tea, refreshments, and simple snacks.

  • Address: 22 Agion Asomaton & 12 Dipilou, Psirri, 105 53
  • Tel.: +30 210 367 1000
  • Website: Click here
  • How to get there: Thissio metro station (green line)

Byzantine and Christian Museum Café

The Byzantine & Christian Museum café is a gem hidden in plain sight on the crowded Vasilissis Sofias avenue in the area of Kolonaki.

Just pass through the arch that stands on the busy avenue and you’ll find yourselves in an alluring courtyard among old buildings (one of which is the palace of the Duchess of Plaisance) next to Ilissia Café, a small café-bistro that is part of the Byzantine and Christian Museum.

The Ilissia café is located in the garden of the Byzantine and Christian Museum.
Courtesy: Byzantine and Christian Museum

The café has several tables in the courtyard and many more at the back where you can enjoy a glass of iced coffee or grab a bite while enjoying the landscaped gardens and the view of Mount Imittos.

Apart from refreshments and snacks, you can have a light lunch here, picking off a menu that includes salads, traditional Greek dishes, finger food, and a few dishes inspired by Byzantine cuisine.

  • Address: 22 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue, Kolonaki, 106 75
  • Tel.: +30 211 012 0441
  • Website: Click here
  • How to get there: Evangelismos metro station (blue line)

Numismatic Museum Café

The Numismatic Museum of Athens doesn’t make the list of the top attractions of Athens quite often, and some would argue that its outdoor café can be more exciting than the museum itself.

However, we do recommend visiting both.

A walk through the museum -housed in a neoclassical building designed by Ernst Ziller- won’t take much over an hour and the alfresco cafe can be a great hideout from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The Numismatic Museum Café.
Courtesy: Numismatic Museum

Its relaxing atmosphere, colorful flower beds, refreshing drinks, and cold platter delicacies will be enough to recharge your batteries before returning to sightseeing.

  • Address: 12 Panepistimiou, Syntagma, 106 71
  • Tel.: +30 210 361 0067
  • Website: Click here
  • How to get there: Panepistimio metro station (red line)

Museum of the City of Athens Bistrot & Restaurant

The Museum of the City of Athens is also not one of the most famous attractions in Athens.

Its enchanting bistro called “Black Duck Garden”, on the other hand, is extremely popular, especially among locals.

Located at the back of the museum in a lush garden, it remains open from early in the morning until late at night, serving breakfast, brunch, and main dishes inspired by central European cuisines, desserts, and fancy cocktails.

Black Duck Garden bistro. Courtesy: Black Duck Garden

The imposing 19th-century mansion of the museum adds to the extraordinary vibe and creates a unique atmosphere.

Black Duck Garden also hosts concerts and other events in the evening. Make sure to check out their website before visiting.

  • Address: 5-7 Ioannou Paparrigopoulou, Klafthmonos Square
  • Tel.: +30 210 3252396
  • Website: Click here
  • How to get there: Panepistimio metro station (red line)

Lalaounis Jewelry Museum Café

Nestled in the shade of Acropolis Hill, the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum is the brainchild of a famous Greek jewelry designer who wanted to present the art of jewelry-making to the world by exhibiting a huge collection of jewelry, jewels, and gems.

This unique museum also features an elegant café located on the patio of the building that is excellent for a short break and a refreshing drink right before or after you visit the Parthenon.

The Lalaounis Museum terrace is a hidden gem in the city.
Courtesy: Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum
  • Address: 12 Kallisperi & Karyatidon street
  • Tel.: +30 210 9221044
  • Website: Click here
  • How to get there: Acropolis metro station (red line)

Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation Restaurant & Café

This charming art cafe opened its doors to the public along with Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation’s new museum in Pangrati, which features an extraordinary private art collection.

It wasn’t long after that it started standing out as an exceptional attraction in its own right.

Its contemporary design was inspired by some of the most famous artworks hanging inside the museum while it’s sitting alone, a cozy courtyard decorated with lush green plants, is enough to help you relax while you enjoy a healthy breakfast, a gourmet brunch, or a colorful salad.

Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation Restaurant & Café.
Courtesy: B&E Goulandris Restaurant Cafe

There are also plenty of vegetarian and vegan options to choose from.

  • Address: 13 Eratosthenous, Pangrati, 116 35
  • Tel.: +30 210 725 2895
  • Website: Click here
  • How to get there: Syntagma metro station (blue and red line)

Finally, we are certain that while visiting Athens you’ll have several museums on your radar to experience the city’s culture, history, and art.

But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on relaxing while enjoying a local delicacy or a cold drink after a long walk.

When the time comes, open up this list with the best museum restaurants and cafés in Athens and plan accordingly to combine sightseeing with gastronomy and leisure.

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