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Category Things to Do

Athens brims with all kinds of attractions, places to go, and things to do. An abundance of choices of sights that include ancient monuments and archaeological sites, wonderful natural scenery like sandy beaches and lavish green mountains, and all kinds of hidden spots in the charming neighborhoods await those who visit the glorious city. The only thing that should concern you before you get here is how you’ll manage to fit as many as possible into your bucket list. And that’s where we come in. Read through our guides and get local insight on the best things to do in Athens, explore secret attractions, and plan awesome city walks and thrilling outdoor adventures. All while getting detailed information on locations, routes, entrance fees, and transportation as well as our local tips on how to make the most out of any activity you choose.

cruise in athens greece

Cruise From Athens

A cruise from Athens on a luxurious rib or even a private yacht provides the perfect contrast to the city during your travel to Athens. Where is the exact opposite place to be than in the middle of Athens’ center…

Festivals to Attend in Athens

The Best Festivals to Attend in Athens

The best festivals to attend in Athens, Greece! Athens’ festival scene is constantly growing with more and more events taking place both in the winter and in the summertime. Music festivals and live concerts, art exhibitions, and sports events run…

herodeion theater in athens

Top Things To Do in Athens: A Local’s Guide

Being one of the most lively cities in Europe, Athens offers endless choices for day and night. Whether you’re visiting the Greek capital in the summer or winter, you’ll find many activities to add to your itinerary. However, if you’re…

Reasons to Visit Athens

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Athens [Greece]

Athens has been unceasingly rising towards the top of lists of travelers and travel agents around the globe during the past years. The city is now widely considered to be among the pantheon of European destinations for year-round vacations. The…

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