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Category Plan Your Trip to Athens

Brimming with budget hotels and luxurious resorts, high-end restaurants, and scrumptious takeaways, stylish cocktail bars, and underground venues, Athens has something for every traveler’s type.  However, foreigners unfamiliar with the city’s scene may find it daunting to discover the best options. From choosing the right accommodation to arranging the perfect itinerary, planning a trip to Athens can become a time-consuming and confusing process. Featuring only the finest places around the Greek capital, Athens By Locals presents you with a top-notch selection of hotels to stay, local taverns and restaurants to savor a traditional meal as well as bars and nightclubs where you can experience Athens’ notorious nightlife. Discover the endless choices Athens has to offer and build your itinerary based on the ones that suit your taste, budget, and style best. Whether you’re traveling to Athens for a short getaway, a business trip, or a leisure vacation, Athens By Locals will help you get started and embark on your adventure well prepared. Moreover, here you can find all the information you’ll need before your visit to the Greek capital such as the city’s size, the weather during each season as well as suggested itineraries for making the most of your vacation. Whether you’re coming to Athens for two days or two weeks, you can discover both the city’s attractions and hidden treasures and get a proper taste of life in one of Europe’s most vibrant metropolises. Start here and let our team of local experts help you plan your trip to the city of  Athens.

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hotels with swimming pools in Athens

Hotels With Swimming Pools in Athens’ City Center

There’s a reason why hotels with swimming pools in Athens are among the top picks for guests coming to our city. Is there a better feeling than taking a refreshing dip at an outdoor pool with the sun-kissed Athens before…

tourist in a hotel with acropolis view

Acropolis View Hotels in Athens for All Budgets

Have you wondered why the Acropolis view hotels are the most sought-after in Athens and the first to be completely booked every tourist season? The truth is that the sight of the Acropolis follows you in most parts of the…

woman in acropolis

How to Spend a Perfect Weekend in Athens

Do you only have a weekend to spend in Athens? Are you worried that two days will not be enough to enjoy all of the city’s wonders? Well, there’s no need to worry. In this guide, you’ll find a perfect…

Acropolis Disabled Access Use of the Acropolis Elevator

Acropolis Disabled Access: Use of the Acropolis Elevator

A new elevator has made Acropolis accessible to visitors with disabilities once again. More specifically, a cutting-edge wheelchair lift and new paths specially designed for physically challenged individuals have recently been inaugurated to help travelers reach Acropolis Hill in the…

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