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Souvenir Shopping in Athens: The Best Areas and Shops for Souvenir Hunting

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No trip can ever be complete without a few souvenirs and gifts to take back home; it’s all part of the traveling ritual. Now, you might be thinking that souvenir shopping in Athens will be as simple as picking up a bottle of ouzo, a small alabaster Cycladic statuette, or a pack of oregano, but there is no doubt that the city will surprise you.

From quirky knick-knacks and fun mementos to musical instruments, gourmet food products, handmade artifacts, and luxury jewelry, there’s nothing you won’t find in Athens.

In this guide, we’ll go over the most popular areas and streets of the city for souvenir shopping and we’ll give you a few ideas of what you can buy in each place along with a few local tips and a rundown of the best souvenir shops in Athens.

Read on and get your shopping bags ready.

Where to go for Souvenir Shopping in Athens

Most of the popular tourist attractions of Athens are located downtown so, reasonably, the city center is the place to go for souvenir shopping in Athens.

But it may not be as simple as it sounds.

There are several neighborhoods and streets ideal for gift hunting but it all depends on what you’re looking for.

We are going to list all the hotspots for souvenir shopping in Athens below, starting from the best areas and narrowing it down to specific streets later on.

Souvenir shopping in Athens. Courtesy: dadofekl /

Plaka District

Plaka is the most famous tourist area in Athens.

As such, it brims with souvenir shops offering all kinds of memorabilia from small “evil eye” talismans to large furniture and works of art.

Plaka is the place to head to for souvenir hunting. Courtesy: Athens By locals

Browse the souvenir shops among the cozy cafes and traditional tavernas and uncover hidden treasures that will remind you of your trip to Athens for a long time to come.

Souvenirs you’ll find in Plaka: antiques, second-hand books, silver and gold jewelry, furniture, art, leather products.

Exarchia Area

Exarchia is the quintessential alternative neighborhood of the city.

It’s an area full of young people, students and artists, filled with all kinds of unique shops.

We suggest you try Exarchia for souvenir-hunting if you are looking for an unusual gift or any artsy item.

Here, you’ll find several vintage shops, second-hand stores, and music stores.

Athens has plenty of record stores that sell new and used vinyl records.
Courtesy: Athens By Locals

Sometimes, mainly during summertime, small cafes around Exarchia organize bazaars with books and art at great prices.

Souvenirs you’ll find in Exarchia: vintage clothing, vinyl records, musical instruments, art by locals, fashion accessories.

Kolonaki District

Kolonaki has a reputation of being the most upscale neighborhood in Athens, and rightfully so.

The streets of Kolonaki brim with all kinds of fashion boutiques, art galleries, and designer stores, making it an ideal place for those looking for a high-end souvenir or a luxurious gift to bring back home.

On Voukourestiou street, the main shopping street of Kolonaki, you’ll find stores with luxury brands like Prada, Chanel, Dior, and Gucci but also amazing creations by local independent designers.

What’s more, Kolonaki is significantly less crowded than the rest of the shopping areas of Athens and it also features a few enchanting bistros for you to take a break and review all your new buys.

Souvenirs you’ll find in Kolonaki: Modern and contemporary art, beauty products, fashion accessories, perfumes, luxury clothing, and shoes.

Monastiraki Flea Market

The flea market of Monastiraki is the ultimate place for souvenir shopping in Athens.

It spans from Monastiraki Square all the way down to the Thission neighborhood with Ifaistou as its main and busiest street.

Both Ifaistou and the narrow streets around it will make you feel like you are walking through an Athenian neighborhood of the 60s.

Here, you’ll find tiny souvenir shops, stores, and street stalls selling all kinds of products: clothes, sandals, leather accessories, jewelry, antiques, handmade artifacts, and more.

Souvenir shopping in Monastiraki. Courtesy: Athens By Locals

On Sundays, locals swarm the flea market to dig into shelves and boxes for bargains and spend a relaxing afternoon window shopping.

Local’s tip: While walking down Ifaistou Street, turn right to discover the tiny Avissinias Square, where you’ll find old antiques and a couple of charming rooftop cafes ideal for a pit stop.

Souvenirs you’ll find at Monastiraki flea market: carpets and rugs, jewelry, sandals, art, musical instruments, handmade artifacts, second-hand items, antiques.

Athinas Street

Athinas Street starts at Monastiraki Square and ends at Omonoia Square.

At first glance, you might overlook the small shops on both sides of the streets, hidden behind kiosks and all the groups of tourists walking by.

Yet, walk down Athinas street and you’ll surely find yourself drawn by the smell of all the herbs and spices or the sight of large boxes of olives on the pavement.

Some of these shops have been around for more than a century. This is the place to be if you want an edible souvenir.

The local merchants will be more than happy to explain each product and where it comes from.

Apart from food and drinks, you’ll also find natural beauty products like face creams and soaps which make for great gifts.

Local’s tip: Make sure to ask for vacuum-sealed bags for all your souvenirs and check your flight rules before filling up your bags.

Souvenirs you’ll find on Athinas Street: Herbs, spices, tea, honey, olive oil, soap, skincare products, Greek coffee, sponges.

Pandrossou Street

Pandrossou Street is also located right off Monastiraki Square, opposite the busy flea market.

This street is filled with large and small souvenir shops offering what we’d call “traditional” souvenirs.

T-shirts with Greek symbols, fridge magnets, handbags, wallets, hats, and small statuettes.

The busy market on the narrow Pandrossou Street is a cluster of nearly one hundred shops

Apart from all the typical touristy stuff, however, here you can also find traditional Greek musical instruments like the famous bouzouki, handmade artifacts carved from olive wood, and beautiful small wooden ornaments.

Souvenirs you’ll find on Pandrossou Street: clothes, clothing accessories, CDs, records, replicas of ancient Greek statues, “evil eye” mementos, komboloi (worry beads), backgammon sets.

Ermou Street

Ermou is the busiest and most popular shopping street in Athens running from Syntagma Square to Monastiraki Square.

You won’t find any of the typical souvenirs for tourists here.

Instead, you’ll see large stores with clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and luxury fashion items featuring both local and international brands for all tastes and budgets.

Ermou Street is one of the most famous streets in central Athens

At the end of Ermou, near Psyrri, you can also spot a few colorful second-hand stores with vintage clothing and retro art.

Souvenirs you’ll find on Ermou Street: clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, art.

Aiolou Street and Agiou Markou Street

Both Aiolou street and Agiou Markou street are located in the heart of the city center, in Syntagma.

These two short streets are home to numerous street vendors that offer a wide variety of products and souvenirs on the cheap side.

In Athens, you will find plenty of hidden corners if you want to buy interesting and extraordinary souvenirs.
Courtesy: Athens By Locals

Walking up and down the busy streets is a unique experience in itself, but you can also do a lot of shopping, especially if you are traveling on a strict budget.

Souvenirs you’ll find on Aiolou street and Agiou Markou street: affordable jewelry, small artifacts, clothing accessories, street art.

Evripidou Street

Evripidou is a small street that runs from Eleftherias Square to Klafthmonos Square.

Souvenir shopping on Evripidou street is limited to only food and drinks.

While walking down the street, you’ll see stalls with plants, herbs, spices, and fresh vegetables in front of stores full of all kinds of goodies.

It is an ideal place to grab a gift for all your foodie friends back home.

Souvenirs you’ll find on Evripidou street: Olive oil, tea, herbs and spices, dried vegetables and fruit, Greek spirits, and wines.

The Best Souvenir Shops in Athens

All of the above might look overwhelming at first look.

Visiting all these areas to find the souvenirs that suit your tastes best will be awfully time-consuming and not a viable option if you have only a couple of days to spend in the city.

That’s why we are presenting you with a rundown of the best specialized souvenir shops in Athens below.

Mastiha Shop

Mastiha is a natural organic product that is collected from the mastic trees that grow on the island of Chios. It is extremely popular for its distinct aroma and is used to make oil, gum, drops, liquor, beauty products, and more.

And Mastiha shop is where you will find all of them in one place.

Address: Panepistimiou street 6

Forget me Not

If you only have time for one stop to get souvenirs and gifts, then Forget me Not is where you should be heading.

This two-story gift shop offers clothing from local designers, fashion accessories, books, leather products, and much more, all with a special focus on impeccable design.

Address: Adrianou street 100

Melissinos Sandals [Monastiraki]

Home to the internationally acclaimed poet and sandal maker of Athens named Melissinos, this store is your go-to for leather products and -of course- handmade sandals.

They offer various sandals for men and women that make for the most distinctly Greek gifts.

Address: Normanou street 7

Kombologadiko [Kolonaki[

A komboloi is probably the most traditional souvenir you can get from Athens. The colorful worry beads are a symbol of Greece but they can also be a form of art. In Kombologadiko you’ll find worry beads in all shapes, colors and materials for every budget.

Address: Amerikis street 9


Located just behind the Cathedral of Athens, Malotira is a deli named after a rare Cretan herb and offers organic traditional products from every region of Greece, including numerous vegan alternatives.

Address: Apollonos street 30

The worry beads or Kombolói are sold almost everywhere in Athens.
Courtesy: Athens By Locals

The Attic Black Shop [Plaka]

The Attic Black shop is the brainchild of an expert team of archaeologists and conservators who came together with the mission to rebirth the art of pottery in the exact way it was in ancient Greece.

All the ceramics you’ll see here are handmade and painted using ancient techniques.

Address: Diagora street 4

The Olive Tree Store [Monastiraki]

As the name suggests, the Olive Tree store is a shop dedicated to traditional Greek food and drinks, offering olive oil, herbs, spices, and other delicacies as well as jewelry made from olive wood and small wooden artifacts.

Address: Adrianou street 67

The Loom

Bringing an oriental note to the atmosphere of Athens, the Loom is a traditional store that offers magnificent carpets and rugs, including the traditional flokati, as well as decorative pillows, handmade blankets, and different kinds of tapestry.

Address: Adrianou street 94


Prigkipo is a famous boutique jewelry store located on the border of Syntagma and Psyrri that offers exclusively handmade jewelry keepsakes designed by local artists.

It also features an extensive bridal collection with wedding rings and other enchanting wedding accessories.

Address: Kolokotroni street 34

Mati [Monastiraki]

Mati is a local hub for contemporary art in downtown Athens.

Blending traditional designs with modern aesthetics, its collections feature glass ornaments, silver jewelry, lucky charms such as the “evil eye”, worry beads made with precious gems and artwork by local artists.

Address: Athinas street 17

Mati (Evil Eye) souvenirs. Courtesy: Katia Christakis /

Souvenir shopping in Athens can really be a drag if you don’t know where to look.

So before you decide on which gifts you’re taking with you, read through our guide and make sure that your souvenirs will be beautiful reminders of your trip to our beloved city that will last a lifetime.

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