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These Are the Metaxourgeio Taverns Locals Love

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Metaxourgeio is undoubtedly one of the hippest neighborhoods in Athens, popular for its vibrant nightlife, exquisite restaurants, fancy cocktail bars, and, of course, the traditional Greek taverns.

By hearing the word tavern or taverna, you might expect to see small joints with wooden floors and open kitchens serving the typical Greek dishes.

While that may be an accurate depiction of some of the older taverns on this list, quite a few places have taken a leap to modernity and have transcended the limits of what a typical Athenian tavern is to combine fusion gastronomy and cultural events.

Read on and discover the best taverns in Metaxourgeio.

Louis Tavern

Located just a few blocks away from the Kerameikos metro station (map), Louis tavern is one of the oldest tavernas in the neighborhood of Metaxourgeio and one of the locals’ favorites.

Apart from the delicious meat dishes and home-cooked mezedes such as potato salad, black beans, pastourmas, and more, Louis tavern offers a wide variety of ouzo labels for those who want to get a taste of an authentic Greek drink.

It’s the perfect place to spark a conversation with the locals and quickly make some friends.

Louis tavern in Metaxourgeio
Louis is one of the oldest taverns in the neighborhood of Metaxourgeio.
Courtesy: Louis Facebook Page

Cabezon Tavern

Cabezon tavern is one of the most well-hidden gems and also one of the best taverns in Metaxourgeio.

It might not look like much from the outside, but once you get in you’ll be amazed by the serenity and beauty of its backyard. Few people know of the existence of this secret hideout.

Most days you will find Cabezon tavern filled with people engaging in loud conversations and enjoying the warm weather, cold beer, and delicacies on the long wooden tables under the sounds of reggae and smooth jazz.

Cabezon, a hidden gem in Metaxourgeio

Seychelles Tavern

Don’t let the name fool you. The food here is as traditional as it gets.

However, Seychelles is a gourmet taverna that serves typical Greek dishes with a twist. They use exclusively seasonal ingredients, fresh vegetables, and various products from all over the country that are bound to impress your tastebuds.

Seychelles tavern is housed in a century-old building on the corner of Avdi square, one of the most favorite meeting points for locals, just a few minutes away from the Metaxourgeio metro station (map).

On sunny days, you can enjoy your meal outside if you’re lucky enough to get a table that is.

Seychelles restaurant in the area of Metaxourgeio

Laika Tavern

Nestled in a narrow pedestrian street, Laika is probably one of the most modern and best taverns in Metaxourgeio.

It gets its name from the famous Russian dog that went to space, and it’s only fair to say that food here is also out of this world.

Even though it’s relatively small, the decorative old posters, stencils, and paintings really bring out its distinctive character and atmosphere. While there, start your meal with a glass of homemade lemonade, and do not omit to try a slice of their famous onion pie.

Laika, a modern taverna in Metaxourgeio, Athens

Rafiki Tavern

Rafiki tavern is one of our personal favorites. Exceptional food and drinks, value-for-money prices, stellar service, and an extremely friendly attitude have made this new addition to Metaxourgeio taverns an instant favorite.

You’ll rarely find Rafiki tavern not buzzing with the cheer and laughter of patrons and tourists alike. While visiting, make sure to try some homemade raki or tsipouro, a plate of fried local cheese, pork chops, and excellent pork stew.

Rafiki tavern is one of the few places in the area to organize many weekly events. Art exhibitions, DJ sets, live concerts, and block parties, there’s always something special taking place here.

Rafiki tavern in Metaxourgeio

Canaria Tavern

Rumour has it that the first owner of this place had so many canary birds in the tavern that the whole neighborhood could hear exactly what time it opened every day.

Originally founded in the early ’30s, Canaria tavern has undoubtedly withstood the test of time and is still a very popular spot.

You won’t find a long menu of high gastronomy or top-shelf drinks here, but you’ll definitely enjoy every single bite of your meal.

Excellence through simplicity is what Canaria tavern offers and there’s a good reason why it’s most usually full of people. When you get there, make sure to try their mouthwatering beetroot salad.

Canaria tavern in Metaxourgeio, Athens

Kappa Tavern

Even though it’s a relatively new taverna, Kappa or simply “K” has been rapidly gaining in popularity during the past year.

A large main room filled with old furniture and vintage items offers enough space for large groups of visitors, while a colorful backyard provides shade for sun-weary guests during the summer months.

Quite a few dishes stand out in their menu card, such as feta cheese with oregano pesto and tomato cream, cod cakes with mashed eggplants, and pasta with fresh tuna. No matter what you choose to try, one thing is for certain: you will not be disappointed.

Kappa tavern in Metaxourgeio

To Avgo tou Kokora Tavern

The name translates to “Cock’s Egg” and the tavern itself is just as extraordinary as its name.

An erstwhile hub for artists in the ’30s, To Avgo tou Kokora is still popular as a charming spot to wine and dine. Its two-storey building is located on Avdi square and there are also several tables available for outdoor dining in front of it.

The prices are reasonable, and the portions are more than generous. Their trademark dish is the rooster soup, which is best enjoyed with a glass of cool red wine.

To Avgo tou Kokora is an extraordinary tavern in Metaxourgeio

Sabir Tavern

Sabir tavern looks like it belongs to a small village on a tiny Greek island, but it’s actually located in the heart of the metropolis in the scenic Metaxourgeio.

A quaint outdoor patio with tall trees and traditional straw chairs will make you think you have left the hustle and bustle of the city far behind.

When you visit, make sure to try the tongue-tingling soutzouki in tomato sauce and the phenomenal fava and choose one of the numerous beer labels to accompany your meal.

Sabir tavern is located in the scenic Metaxourgeio

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