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Category Athens Neighborhoods

The city center of Athens is made up of quite a few neighborhoods. First-time visitors usually make the mistake of assuming that downtown Athens is more or less the same throughout, but the reality is vastly different. Ask any local and you’ll quickly find out that each neighborhood in Athens has its own distinct character, unique attractions, different gastronomy and nightlife scenes and attract -in some cases- completely different types of crowds. In fact, this differentiation plays a major role in the way everyday life in Athens is shaped. Athenians always choose carefully the neighborhoods they are staying in or go out at depending on their tastes and personal needs. That is why we have created separate guides for each area of the city; to help you get acquainted with the most famous neighborhoods of Athens and find out what makes them unique. By going through the guides you’ll be able to choose the neighborhood that suits you best for your accommodation in Athens, decide where you will be heading after the sun sets and give you an overall feel of what life in this majestic city is like.

monastiraki travel guide athens

A Local’s Guide to Monastiraki in Athens

With the city’s trendiest neighborhoods being just a stone’s throw away, Monastiraki has been locals’ favorite meeting point for decades now. The famous square is always full of life, buzzing with cheerful jive and a jaunty atmosphere. Landing in Monastiraki…

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