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Local insight is one of those things that can really make or break a vacation. Apart from the traditional lists that feature the top attractions of a city, the best things to see and do and all the other soon-to-be highlights of your trip, you have to bear in mind that in order for your trip to be successful you will need a wide array of tips and practical information under your belt. That is why we have dedicated a small section of BTI to providing our readers with all those useful tips about Athens they never knew they needed. Here you will find information that will come in handy when planning your trip like what the weather of Athens is like and when is the best time to get here is as well as up-to-date information that can prove to be lifesaving when you are in the city like the location of all embassies, public transportation maps, guides about health in Athens and much more.

Acropolis Disabled Access Use of the Acropolis Elevator

Acropolis Disabled Access: Use of the Acropolis Elevator

A new elevator has made Acropolis accessible to visitors with disabilities once again. More specifically, a cutting-edge wheelchair lift along with new paths specially designed for physically challenged individuals have recently been inaugurated to help travelers reach Acropolis Hill in…

athens weather seasons

Athens Weather From Season to Season

Before planning an escapade to Athens and crafting an exciting itinerary, most travelers usually have one common question in mind. How is the Athens weather? The Greek capital boasts a mild year-round Mediterranean climate with moderate rainfall during winter and hot and…

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