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Athens By Locals

Athens By Locals is a state-of-the-art online travel guide for Athens that invites and inspires travelers to witness the most authentic side of the city.
Whether you’re looking for accommodation, attractions, restaurants, activities, events or any other kind of travel services, we are here to help you enhance your travel experience and craft the most amazing itinerary for your Athens trip.

Athens By Locals is the brainchild of a team of passionate local travel experts that share concrete common ground: a deep devotion to travel and a profound love for Athens. Being intrepid travelers ourselves, we are well aware of how challenging, costly and time-consuming planning the perfect trip can be without the benefit of local insight.

Hence, driven by our fervor to showcase Athens as one of the most fascinating destinations on the globe, we decided to undertake a most demanding task: creating the ultimate online Athens travel guide. Athens By Locals is much more than a digital leaflet. It’s a platform that aims to gather all the information a traveler needs in a single place, a hub for wanderlusters, and a meeting spot for industry professionals and travel enthusiasts.

Our scope is to enable every type of visitor with any kind of budget to experience Athens like a local, all in hopes that you enjoy this marvelous city as much as we do!

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Athens By Locals is an independent travel guide led by people connected by their love for travel. Our writers never take freebies or discounts, so you can always trust what you read on the site. There are no large corporate sponsors, hidden funds, or shady investors behind our actions – just a small team of passionate individuals. You will also never find any ads with dodgy cookies on our site. We value your privacy and your trust more than anything! However, this means we don’t have the budget or the resources large corporations do to keep going. We rely exclusively on our readers to offset the costs of operating this website and compensating our writing team. And we are proud of it! If you enjoyed our work and found all the information we strive to provide usefully, please take a few seconds to support Athens By Locals by recommending us to your friends and help spread the word of mouth. Just a few clicks to share our articles on your social media would mean the world to us! Most importantly, please always use the links on our website to make hotel reservations and book car rentals, tours, or tickets. This way, we make a small commission that does not affect the price you pay in any way but is a big help that allows us to grow and keeps Athens By Locals alive! Rest assured that every recommendation, every suggestion, and every link found on Athens By Locals results from meticulous research that guarantees only the best options at the lowest prices for our readers! After all, the trust of our readers is our only source of income. All your feedback and support will always be greatly appreciated! Feel free to check our detailed Affiliate Disclosure.

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