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Category Nightlife

Athens is undeniably best known as a city of history and culture that offers countless sightseeing opportunities and features famous landmarks and iconic museums. Yet, no one seems to be talking about one of the most attractive aspects of the city; its vivid nightlife that goes on until early in the morning. Contrary to what many visitors have in mind before getting to Athens, the city is far from a conservative destination. Athens has been dubbed the ‘’new Berlin” for good reason. The city brims with all kinds of bars, pubs and nightclubs of all kinds and for all tastes to guarantee that every night out in Athens will be unforgettable. All you need to do is read through our guides and decide what kind of memories you are after; from tiny jazz bars and alternative pubs to luxurious rooftop bars and fancy nightclubs, this city has it all.

bar in athens

The Most Popular Areas to Nightlife in Athens

For those of you visiting for the first time, you should know that nightlife in Athens is probably quite different than anything you have experienced in any other major European destination. And we mean that in the best possible way.…

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