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Category Trips from Athens

Athens is a city that combines history with modernity, timeless culture with contemporary charm and industrial urban settings with astonishing natural scenery. But the wonders you can experience on a trip to Athens are not limited to the borders of the city. Not far away from the city, you’ll find sandy beaches, impressive monuments, ancient temples, majestic monasteries, thrilling hiking trails and all kinds of hidden gems. Now, if you’re wondering how you’ll be able to organize an excursion and still manage to fit everything in your itinerary, there’s no need to worry. Just go through our guides and discover the best day trips from Athens and plan your own day trip. Just choose your destination among the Saronic Gulf Islands, Meteora, Ancient Olympia, Sounion and many more and find all the necessary information like how to get there, when is the best time to go, trip prices, admission fees, recommended guided tours and more in one place.

Aegina Island

One Day Trip from Athens to Aegina Island

A one-day trip from Athens to Aegina Island always sounds like a great idea. While Athens contains many treasures from the Ancient Greeks, many visitors can be a little overwhelmed by the modern city. The city’s traffic, hectic downtown streets,…

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