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Category Athens Neighborhoods

The city center of Athens is made up of quite a few neighborhoods. First-time visitors usually make the mistake of assuming that downtown Athens is more or less the same throughout, but the reality is vastly different. Ask any local and you’ll quickly find out that each neighborhood in Athens has its own distinct character, unique attractions, different gastronomy and nightlife scenes and attract -in some cases- completely different types of crowds. In fact, this differentiation plays a major role in the way everyday life in Athens is shaped. Athenians always choose carefully the neighborhoods they are staying in or go out at depending on their tastes and personal needs. That is why we have created separate guides for each area of the city; to help you get acquainted with the most famous neighborhoods of Athens and find out what makes them unique. By going through the guides you’ll be able to choose the neighborhood that suits you best for your accommodation in Athens, decide where you will be heading after the sun sets and give you an overall feel of what life in this majestic city is like.

protogenous street athens greece

Protogenous Street: Inside Athens’ Hippest Hangout

Hidden in plain sight in the colorful area of Psyrri, among touristy tavernas, budget hostels, and tailor workshops-turned-hookah bars, Protogenous is the city’s overnight sensation, a vibrant street that’s unceasingly jam-packed with bohemian glitterati, fashionable hipsters, and jet setters of…

visit Piraeus in greece

Piraeus: The Ferry Port of Athens

Piraeus, the outer suburb of Athens, which serves as the ferry port for the popular Greek islands, has long suffered a bad reputation as a run-down area where the crime was rife. Most tourists avoid it, stay in the heart…

academy of athens

Explore Athens City Center

Even though the Greek capital consists of different areas, it’s mainly the center of Athens that attracts the crowds. Home to historical landmarks, bustling food markets, and scenic alleys, Athens’ city center has its own unique charm. Neighborhoods in the…

discover athens greece

Discover Athens City the Capital of Greece

Athens city is the capital of Greece, a vast metropolis that still stands tall bearing thousands of years of history and culture. Being one of the oldest continuously inhabited places on Earth, the civilization, culture, art, values and ideas developed…

Exarchia district Athens

Discover Exarchia Neighborhood in Athens

Often brought to the limelight of both international and local media as a symbol of the Greek urban modernity and a place that sparks controversy, the Exarchia neighborhood in Athens has quickly risen to fame during the past years. Squabbles…


The Scenic Koukaki Neighborhood in Athens

Koukaki is one of the several neighborhoods of Athens that have been steadily gaining in popularity during the past few years. Deemed as one of the world’s “hottest” districts by numerous major tourism industry leaders, the scenic community is seeing…

explore plaka neighborhood

The Picturesque Plaka Neighborhood in Athens

Stretching around the northeast side of Acropolis Hill, Plaka is the most iconic residential neighborhood in Athens and one of the oldest unremittingly inhabited settlements in the world, with more than three thousand years of history. Its trademark maze-like alleyways,…

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