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Nikis Street in Syntagma: A Local’s Guide to Hidden Treasures

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Nikis Street is one of the most popular streets in the neighborhood of Syntagma. It’s located just a minute from Syntagma Square and runs parallel to the National Garden of Athens while crossing the famous Ermou and Mitropoleos streets. This tiny street has traditionally been one of the busiest places in Syntagma, brimming with cafes, restaurants, and hotels for all tastes.

After a brief downturn during the times of the economic recession in Greece, Nikis Street has quickly bounced back to reclaim its place as one of the most engaging streets in central Athens.

In this short guide, you’ll find all the points of interest on Nikis Street, along with the best places to eat, where to shop, where to stay, and how to get there.

Things to See and Do on Nikis Street

At first glance, you might think there are no specific attractions you can explore on Nikis Street. Indeed, most people who walk down this street are distracted by the restaurants and colorful street food joints.

Things to See and Do on Nikis Street
Walking down Nikis Street, you will see cafes and food joints that are always full of people.
©Athens By Locals

However, if you know where to look, there are some hidden gems to be found on Nikis Street. Below, you’ll find a few points of interest that you probably would have missed without this guide.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church

Dating back to 1843, St. Paul’s Anglican Church is one of the earliest foreign churches in Greece.

The imposing neo-gothic church also boasts the oldest church organ in the country and impeccable acoustics – which is the reason why the church is occasionally also used as a venue for concerts and other musical performances.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church is located at the intersection of Nikis and Filellinon Street.

Address: Filellinon 27, Athina 105 57

The Jewish Museum of Greece

The Jewish Museum of Greece was founded in 1977 with the mission to research, collect, and exhibit artifacts, documents, and items that narrate the history of more than 2300 years of Jewish culture in the country.

Its rich collection includes more than 10,000 objects of great historical interest that showcase the religious traditions and customs of Greek Jews through the centuries.

The Jewish Museum of Greece
The Jewish Museum of Greece on Nikis Street, Athens. ©Athens By Locals

Address: Nikis 39, Athina 105 57
Entrance fee: 6€ for adults, 3€ for students

Opening hours:

  • Every day from 9 am to 2.30 pm
  • Saturday: closed
  • Sunday: 10 am – 2 pm

Holy Church of the Holy Trinity – Soteira Lykodemos

Dating back to the 11th century, the Soteira Lykodemos church, which is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, is one of the most impressive Byzantine churches in Athens and the largest Medieval building in the city.

It was renovated in the 1850s and granted to the Russian parish of Athens, which is why it’s also known as the “Russian Church.” It’s located just off Nikis Street, in Rallou Manou Square. To get there, turn at Lamachou Street.

Address: Filellinon, Athina 105 57

Where to Eat on Nikis Street

The streets of Syntagma brim with cafes, restaurants, and street food joints of all kinds, and Nikis Street is no exception. Here, you’ll find plenty of options for brunch, a relaxing lunch break, a lavish dinner, or even a delicious dessert like ice cream or traditional syrupy pastries.

Here are the top picks for restaurants on Nikis Street you should not miss out on.

Athena ‘s Cook

Offering an escape from the busy streets of Syntagma in a welcoming space with a warm atmosphere, Athena’s Cook offers premium dishes from Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and wine and beer from local producers.

Each recipe is a journey to a different region of Greece made with ingredients that are characteristic of each place.

Address: Nikis 20, Athina 105 57


Avocado is a charming vegetarian/vegan cafe-restaurant that serves all kinds of treats made from organic ingredients, fresh juices and smoothies, delicious desserts, premium local wine, and organic coffee and tea.

The vision of Avocado’s owners is to create a caring community in the heart of Athens with healthy vegan food at the core of every action.

Address: Nikis 30, Athina 105 57

Athena 's Cook restaurant syntagma athens
Athena ‘s Cook restaurant. ©Athens By Locals

2 Mazi Restaurant

Located on the ground floor of an imposing 19th-century neoclassical building, 2 Mazi is a multi-award-winning luxurious restaurant that serves creative Greek cuisine.

2 Mazi Restaurant syntagma
2 Mazi Restaurant. ©Athens By Locals

Here, you’ll try popular traditional Greek dishes with a modern twist, made with the finest ingredients sourced by small-scale local producers.

Address: Nikis 48, Athina 105 58

Shopping on Nikis Street

While walking on Nikis Street, among inviting restaurants, elegant hotels, and old churches, you’ll come across a few stores and shops that are definitely worth your attention.

Below, you’ll find a few ideas for all kinds of shopping on Nikis Street.

Nikis Street in Syntagma Athens Greece
Nikis Street hosts some great shops. ©Athens By Locals

Brew Str – Athens Beer Shop!

If you have already spent some time in Athens, you probably had the chance to try a few local wines and perhaps some ouzo or tsipouro. But what about local beer?

Brew Str. is the place to be if you want to try craft beer from all over the country, including several labels you won’t find anywhere else. You can buy beer to go, get a bottle as a souvenir, or even enjoy a pint on the tiny patio.

Address: Nikis 50A, Athina 105 58

ANAMESA Concept Store

ANAMESA is a one-of-a-kind concept store that blends fashion, art, and design with gastronomy to create a unique shopping experience in central Athens.

At ANAMESA you can browse women’s, men’s, and kids’ clothing, designer objects, and art accessories while enjoying warm coffee, vegan beverages, and homemade snacks in a marvelous setting.

Address: Nikis 24, Athina 105 57

Brew Str - Athens Beer Shop!
When you see this sign, you’re at the Brew Str – Athens Beer Shop! ©Athens By Locals

4 Seasons Bio – Organic Food Market

Owned by two brothers, 4Seasons opened its doors in 2006 to become the first organic food market in the city center of Athens.

Driven by a passion for healthy food, 4Seasons features organic products ethically sourced from all around the world, including fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish, as well as a collection of sustainable beauty, wellness, and aromatherapy products.

Address: Nikis 30, Athina 105 57

Hotels on Nikis Street

Choosing a hotel on Nikis Street for your trip to Athens is a great idea for those who want to stay in the city center, in a lively neighborhood with many different things to do and see, countless restaurants, and a robust nightlife.

Hotels on Nikis Street
We highly recommend staying on Nikis Street if you are looking for a central location in Syntagma.
©Athens By Locals

At the same time, even though it is in a central place, Nikis Street is quiet and peaceful after sunset.

Below, you’ll find all your options for hotels on Nikis Street.

Niki Athens Hotel

Niki Athens Hotel is a boutique, vegan-friendly hotel with elegant architecture and modern chic design. Their philosophy places the values of ecology and sustainability at the heart of the hotel’s operations to create a unique guest experience.

However, what really makes Niki Athens Hotel stand out is their “Winners” vegan restaurant that exclusively serves organic plant-based food.

Address: 27 Nikis Street, Athina 105 57

Take a look inside the Nikis Athens Hotel and reserve a room today.

Niki Athens Hotel  syntagma athens
Niki Athens Hotel. ©Athens By Locals

Urban Frame Hotel

Standing out as one of the most value-for-money hotels in Athens, Urban Frame Hotel features an elegant lounge area, a delectable continental breakfast buffet, and excellent 24/7 concierge services.

Urban Frame Hotel syntagma athens
Urban Frame Hotel. ©Athens By Locals

The 3-star hotel offers a wide array of rooms for all budgets, ranging from affordable “urban rooms” to luxurious “Heaven’s rooms” with private balconies with astonishing views of the Acropolis.

Address: 40, Nikis Str, Athina 105 58

Check the availability of Urban Frame Hotel and book your stay here.

Arethusa Hotel

Located on the corner of Mitropoleos and Nikis Street, Arethusa is an affordable 3-star hotel with a charming roof garden and amazing views over Acropolis Hill.

Arethusa Hotel offers 87 rooms with comfortable furniture, all the necessary amenities for a peaceful stay, and a daily American buffet breakfast.

Address: Mitropoleos 6-8, Athina 105 63

Find a price for Arethusa Hotel on and book your stay in a few clicks.

How to Get to Nikis Street

Nikis Street is located only a few steps away from Syntagma Square. The easiest way to get there is by taking the metro to Syntagma (blue and red line) and crossing Syntagma Square until you reach Ermou Street. Walk down Ermou for one block, and you’ll find Nikis Street at the first corner.

Being one of the most popular streets in Syntagma, chances are that you’ll be around Nikis Street at some point during your trip to Athens. When you find it, make sure to follow our suggestions for things to do, where to eat, and where to stay to make the most out of your visit.

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