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Category Getting Around

Athens is a massive city and moving around the city center and especially the suburbs can prove to be a challenging feat. At first glance, the metro maps, the bus and tram routes and the urban layout of the city can look overwhelming. But there is no need to despair. Here you will find all our guides, tips and information about the ports of Athens, the Athens International Airport, and how to get around Athens in a fast, safe, reliable and convenient way. Apart from public transportation maps, ticket prices, routes and timetables, we will also go through alternatives for your transfers throughout the city like taxi apps and taxi services and car rentals to guarantee a seamless experience and an effortless vacation.

piraeus port greece

Ports of Athens: Piraeus – Rafina – Lavrio

The Piraeus Port: The Largest of The Ports of Athens Being the most famous of the ports of Athens, the largest port in Greece, and one of the largest in Europe, the Piraeus Port serves around 20 million passengers annually.…

Athens international Airport

A Detailed Guide About the Athens International Airport

Athens International Airport  “Eleftherios Venizelos” (AIA) is Greece’s largest and busiest airport serving as a hub for international and domestic flights. Located in Spata between the areas of Artemida, Koropi and Markopoulo, Athens Airport is around 30 kilometers to the…

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