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Category Eat and Drink

The culinary scene of Athens is one of the main reasons why the city sees an astonishing number of returning visitors year after year. Traditional Greek cuisine is enjoyed worldwide but just one visit to Athens will convince you that the real thing exceeds expectations. But the Athenian gastronomy goes way beyond the same old traditional dishes you’ve already seen on countless guides. The city brims with all kinds of eateries, from high-end Michelin-star restaurants and elegant rooftop bistros to tiny traditional tavernas and seaside fish taverns. The same can be said about Athenian nightlife; it’s very diverse with countless options to suit any kind of taste. And this is the place where you will find it all. Read on to discover guides on the best places to eat and drink in Athens, browse through the best restaurants, tavernas, cafes, bars and pubs in the city along with insider tips to guarantee that your vacations will be an unforgettable culinary experience.

local taverns in athens

These Are the Metaxourgeio Taverns Locals Love

Metaxourgeio is undoubtedly one of the hippest neighborhoods in Athens, popular for its vibrant nightlife, exquisite restaurants, fancy cocktail bars, and, of course, the traditional Greek taverns. By hearing the word tavern or taverna, you might expect to see small…

greek cuisine

An Absolute Guide to Traditional Greek Cuisine

Similar to the way the country’s culture has been shaped through the centuries, Greek cuisine is a melting pot of different civilizations on the crossroads between the East and the West. It’s celebrated internationally for its immaculate tastes and the…

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