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Piraeus: The Ferry Port of Athens

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Piraeus, the outer suburb of Athens, which serves as the ferry port for the popular Greek islands, has long suffered a bad reputation as a run-down area where the crime was rife. Most tourists avoid it, stay in the heart of the city, and take the metro in time to catch their ferry.

However, Piraeus has much to offer the visitor and has advantages as an overnight stay, at least, before embarking on the islands.

Ease of Access to Piraeus

For travelers arriving by plane, the airport bus to Piraeus (Number X96) leaves from just outside the Athens International Airport doors and offers a 24-hour service, departing every 30 minutes.

The cost is currently  €6.00. There are several stops: drivers will advise on the best for particular hotels.

If you are a passenger on a cruise ship and you want to get a tour of Athens, please read our detailed guide about the Port of Piraeus.

Athens and Piraeus from Mount Lycabettus
Athens and Piraeus from Mount Lycabettus. Courtesy:

Availability of Budget Hotels in Piraeus

A range of hotels offers clean and comfortable accommodation at very affordable rates. The Piraeus Dream Hotel in Notara Street is one we have personally used and it is typical.

It has a 24-hour desk, offers a good breakfast, and has free Wi-Fi, as well. Seasonal deals can be obtained on as low as €40 per double room.

The hotel occupies a narrow block and is actually accessible from either Notara St or Filonos St.

Piraeus Dream Hotel in Notara Street
Piraeus Dream Hotel in Notara Street. An excellent choice for an overnight stopover.
Courtesy: Piraeus Dream Hotel

Shopping and Food in Piraeus

There are several excellent broad shopping streets, such as Sotiros street, plus pedestrian squares, numerous bars, and coffee shops, and a selection of restaurants and fast-food outlets, including KFC and Pizza Hut. Ampakos Steakhouse in Filonos 66 street (map) is popular within the locals.

Ampakos Steakhouse in Filonos 66 street
Ampakos Steakhouse in Piraeus. Courtesy: Ampakos Steakhouse Official Facebook Page

For a few hours near the water on a warm day, the visitor would do well to walk to the Marina Zeas on Pasalimani Bay and have a drink at Pisina.

This classy eatery is not cheap but has vast indoor and outdoor areas surrounding a pool, and overlooking the blue water bay and yachts.

Pisina Marina Zeas
Pisina cafe restaurant, a pool bar, ideal for a drink or a coffee located in Marina Zeas.
Courtesy: Pisina Official Facebook Page

Easy Access to Central Athens

The metro station situated near Ferry Terminal Gate E6 at Piraeus offers a speedy link to central Athens, so the visitor can still see the best sights in Athens or visit the National Museum while staying in far cheaper accommodation in a quieter, less polluted environment. Read here how to get around Athens.

When the time comes to return to the Athens International Airport, the airport bus is again the best option with luggage storage and door-to-door service.

In case you need the comfort of a private car, you may use one of the numerous transfer companies and taxi apps you can find in Athens.

Ease of Access of Piraeus
The ride from Piraeus to Omonia station lasts around 30 minutes.
Courtesy: Metro Centric /

Local Attractions in Piraeus

For those who would prefer to avoid central Athens altogether but have time to kill between flight and ferry rides, attractions in Piraeus are many, so the city has some history to share.

There is an archaeological museum, a maritime museum, an old Roman settlement, and an ancient theatre.

The ancient walls of Piraeus. Conon Walls on Akti Themistokleous
The ancient walls of Piraeus. Conon Walls on Akti Themistokleous.

There are several beautiful Greek Orthodox churches, notably Ag. Spiridon, Ag. Vasilios and Ag. Nikolaos.

There are also two beaches in the area: Votsalakia beach, accessible from Vas. Pavlou Avenue, and an unnamed beach beside Pisina bar/restaurant just beyond the Marina Zeas.

votsalakia beach in Piraeus
Votsalakia is a popular beach in the area of Piraeus, just 10km south of Athens.

Piraeus deserves consideration. It is a curious mix of old and new, the little bays and marinas are beautiful and offset the purely serviceable ferry terminals.

While there are no doubt dangers for tourists and petty crime as in all major cities and port areas, the visitor is unlikely to encounter problems in the main busy areas of town and will feel quite comfortable, even at night. The port area is very well signposted.

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