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Athens from Above: The Most Stunning Rooftop Bars in Athens

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Come summertime, when the pedestrian streets of central Athens get too hot for long strolls and sightseeing, you’ll rarely see locals walking around the city. And if you’re wondering where they all disappeared, the answer is (literally) just above your head.

Athens brims with rooftop bars scattered throughout the most popular neighborhoods, just waiting to be discovered. So if you’re looking for a charming terrace to enjoy the magnificent Athenian skyline while sipping on a refreshing drink or even enjoying your afternoon coffee, this is the place to be.

Here are our favorite rooftop bars in Athens.

Rooftop Bars in Athens with an Acropolis View

What better way to end a long day of sightseeing and roaming the streets of Athens than having a drink while watching the lit-up Parthenon from afar and snapping a few pictures? Luckily, Acropolis Hill is visible from most high spots in the city, meaning your options are plenty.

That’s why we’ve gathered the most spectacular rooftop bars with an Acropolis view throughout Athens that will make your visit unforgettable.

Retiré at the ERGON House

Located in the heart of the city, right on Mitropoleos street, the rooftop of ERGON House Athens Hotel (see it on invites visitors to marvel at a spectacular view over the Acropolis while enjoying top-notch gastronomy and cocktails masterfully crafted by the team behind The Clumsies – one of the most famous cocktail bars in Athens.

Retiré at the ERGON House is an urban oasis with spectacular views of the Acropolis.
Courtesy: Retiré ERGON House
  • Address: Mitropoleos 23, Athina 105 57
  • Neighborhood: Monastiraki – Syntagma
  • How to get there: Monastiraki or Syntagma metro (blue line)

The Foundry Rooftop Garden

Occupying the top floor of the luxurious Foundry Suites Athens (check some photos on in central Psyrri, Τhe Foundry Rooftop Garden looks like an untouched old Athenian backyard adorned with olive trees, colorful flowers, and vines that climb towards the sky.

Visit the Foundry’s Roof Garden, try some inspired cocktails, or taste their freshly baked pizza. Courtesy: The Foundry Rooftop Garden

Here you can enjoy rejuvenating cocktails with names inspired by Greek mythology, savor a pizza baked in a traditional wood oven, and enjoy an astonishing unobstructed view over the Acropolis and the National Observatory of Athens.

  • Address: Sarri 40, Athina 105 53
  • Neighborhood: Psyrri
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro (green and blue line)

Olympias Athinas Rooftop Bar

While the historical interwar-period building of Olympias Hotel in downtown Athens was being renovated, few expected its top floor to become a busy nightlife hub soon.

But the signature cocktails and fine drinking experience combined with modern aesthetics and an unbeatable location, just minutes away from the Central Municipal Athens Market, quickly established it as one of the most popular rooftop bars with a view of the Acropolis in Athens.

Will never get tired of this view. Courtesy: Olympias Athinas
  • Address: Athinas 57, Athina 105 51
  • Neighborhood: Omonia
  • How to get there: Omonia metro (green and red line) or Panepistimio metro (red line)

BIOS Athens Rooftop

There was a time when the top floor of BIOS was one of the very few options for rooftop bars in Athens. And while this is definitely not the case anymore, it remains one of the most beloved spots for evening drinks among locals.

After all, who wouldn’t enjoy laying on a sunbed and watching the lit-up Parthenon at night with one of the famous “popsicle cocktails” at hand?

Bios rooftop bar is one of the nicest hidden rooftops in Athens.
Courtesy: Bios Pireos84
  • Address: Pireos 84, Athina 104 35
  • Neighborhood: Gazi – Kerameikos
  • How to get there: Kerameikos metro (blue line)

360 Cocktail Bar

This one is perhaps the most famous among all the rooftop bars in Athens. As the name suggests, 360 Cocktail Bar offers an astonishing bird’s-eye view over downtown Athens and Acropolis Hill.

The 360° Cocktail bar offers impressive views of the Parthenon.
Courtesy: 360 Degrees Hotel Athens

Ideal for a quick pit stop any time of the day, it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as delicious cocktails under the sounds of live DJ sets.

  • Address: Ifestou 2, Athina 105 55
  • Neighborhood: Monastiraki
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro (green and blue line)


Featuring a distinct retro character and a design inspired by what Athens looked like in the 60’s, Anglais is one of Monastiraki’s “hidden” bars that has lately become extremely popular among locals.

Anglais Athens rooftop cafe-bar has the most amazing view in town.
Courtesy: Anglais

Occupying the 6th floor of an old preserved building that enjoys a magnificent panorama of both the Acropolis and Lycabettus Hill, it’s a must for those hot summer evenings in central Athens.

  • Address: Kirikeioi 6, Athina 105 55
  • Neighborhood: Monastiraki
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro (green and blue line)

Couleur Locale

Ever since Couleur Locale opened its doors in the neighborhood of Monastiraki, it has been constantly praised as one of the most fascinating rooftop bars in downtown Athens. Just walk through Monastiraki’s vintage shops and old bookstores and get on the elevator at the entrance to discover an immaculate view of the Acropolis in a laid-back setting.

Couleur Locale is one of the best rooftop bars in Athens.
Courtesy: Couleur Locale / Facebook

At Couleur Locale, you’ll find premium coffee, gourmet snacks, rejuvenating cocktails and, if you’re lucky, you might visit on a night with a live DJ set.

  • Address: Normanou 3, Athina 105 55
  • Neighborhood: Monastiraki
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro (green and blue line)

Attic Urban Rooftop

A sophisticated contemporary bohemian design, a menu that includes tasty treats from all around the globe, and an unobstructed view of the Acropolis are what make Attic Urban Rooftop stand out as one of the most impressive rooftop bars with a Parthenon view in Athens.

Attic Urban Rooftop is located in the heart of Athens on a terrace overlooking the Acropolis.
Courtesy: Attic Urban Rooftop

While there, make sure to snap a few photos at the wooden swings (a must for Instagrammers) while savoring a delicious cocktail or the famous moussaka spring rolls.

  • Address: Ermou 86, Athina 105 54
  • Neighborhood: Monastiraki
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro (green and blue line)


This is an exceptional choice for wine connoisseurs who want to get acquainted with traditional Greek wine varieties in a stunning setting. Manouka is a brand new wine bar that operates on the top floor of Utopia Hotel on Ermou street, (see it on, enjoying an immaculate view of the Parthenon.

Manouka wine bar offers breathtaking views of the Parthenon.
Courtesy: Manuka

Here you’ll find a prime selection of wines as well as indenious wine-based cocktails paired with contemporary Greek cuisine delicacies.

  • Address: Ermou 46, Athina 105 63
  • Neighborhood: Syntagma
  • How to get there: Syntagma metro (blue and red lines)

A for Athens

This bar made sipping drinks on dimly lit rooftop terraces a hot trend among young Athenians a while back. Its delicious cocktails paired with a magnificent view of the Parthenon on Acropolis Hill made it an instant favorite among locals. One could argue that it’s why Athens has so many rooftop bars nowadays.

A for Athens Cocktail Bar is face to face to the Acropolis.
Courtesy: A for Athens

Recently renovated during the lockdown, A for Athens is once again welcoming visitors to witness the city’s glory from above.

  • Address: Miaouli 2, Athina 105 54
  • Neighborhood: Monastiraki
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro (green and blue line)

Ermou 18 Beyond The Horizon

A truly hidden rooftop oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of Ermou Street is what awaits those who can spot its entrance at one of the street’s passageways.

An extraordinary rooftop experience from the seventh floor.
Courtesy: Ermou 18 Beyond the Horizon / Facebook

Once you reach the top of the building, you’ll be greeted by a fascinating view of the Acropolis and the smells of freshly cooked snacks in an inviting space with modern minimalist Cycladic aesthetics.

  • Address: Ermou 18, Athina 105 63
  • Neighborhood: Syntagma
  • How to get there: Syntagma metro (blue and red lines)

The Artist

Featuring not one but two separate rooftop terraces, the top floor of The Artist Hotel (check it on is one of the most intriguing sights in the cityscape of Athens.

Visiting The Artist rooftop is a magical experience you don’t want to miss.
Courtesy: The Artist Athens

The first terrace, overlooking the Church of Agios Dimitrios Loumbardiaris (or St. Demetrius the Bombardier), is a fancy restaurant, while the one right across is home to a cozy bar that serves imaginative cocktails and modern street food snacks from all over the globe.

  • Address: Kalamida 7, Athina 105 54
  • Neighborhood: Monastiraki
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro (green and blue line)

Buena Vista Social Bar

As implied by its name, Buena Vista Social Bar is a Caribbean-themed all-day rooftop bar with a cheerful atmosphere and Cuban vibes.

Buena Vista Social Bar is a nice hideout in the heart of Athens.
Courtesy: Buena Vista Social Bar

If it weren’t for the marvelous views of the Acropolis and the neighborhood of Thission, its premium coffee selection, delectable cocktails, and delicious street food snacks would probably make you think that you were instantly transported across the world.

  • Address: Agiou Filippou 7, Athina 105 55
  • Neighborhood: Psyrri – Monastiraki
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro (green and blue line)

Alternative Choices for Rooftop Bars and Cafes in Athens

Choosing a bar with a Parthenon view for your evening drinks is a great idea, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other rooftop bars in Athens worth your attention. On the contrary.

Many other excellent choices will allow you to escape the crowds and experience the city like a local while still enjoying beautiful views of Athens’s skyline.

Find our top picks for the “rest of the best” rooftop bars in Athens below.


This is one of the most historical bars in downtown Athens. Spanning over three floors, which have hosted various concerts, parties, and events over the years, Horostasio is a must if you want to experience Athenian nightlife like a local.

Horostasio is located on a unique terrace in the center of Athens, with a magnificent view of Lycabettus Hill. Courtesy: Horostasio / Facebook

Its best feature is undeniably the relaxing rooftop terrace that enjoys a view of Lycabettus Hill, just a few minutes away from Syntagma Square.

  • Address: Skouleniou 2B, Athina 105 61
  • Neighborhood: Syntagma – Monastiraki
  • How to get there: Monastiraki or Syntagma metro (blue line)

To Lokali

What makes To Lokali stand out, apart from the inviting garden on the ground floor, is its beautiful rooftop terrace dotted with plants and wooden barrels where you can enjoy innovative cocktails, traditional Greek “mezedes” with a modern twist, and a marvelous view over the skyline of Athens.

Rich choice of cocktails, friendly staff, good music, and a warm atmosphere.
Courtesy: To Locali / Facebook
  • Address: Sarri 44, Athina 105 53
  • Neighborhood: Psyrri
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro (green and blue line)

MONK Grapes and Spirits

A charming rooftop terrace with a distinct Cycladic design and a cozy little garden awaits those who will discover the entrance of MONK Grapes and Spirits just a minute away from the famous Agias Irinis Square.

Right in the middle of the city’s center, you will find a rooftop bar that looks like a private roof garden. Courtesy: MONK Grapes and Spirits / Facebook

Its definite highlights? Cocktails that are prepared with fresh local seasonal herbs and a wine list that includes over 160 wine labels from over 15 countries. Pair those with a spectacular selection of contemporary Greek cuisine and you’ll surely agree with us that this is one of the most unique rooftop bars in Athens.

  • Address: Karori 4, Athina 105 51
  • Neighborhood: Psyrri – Monastiraki
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro (green and blue line)


Famous for hosting live concerts by local and international artists throughout the year, Gazarte is one of the most popular bars in Gazi and Kerameikos.

Gazarte has a fantastic terrace and great cocktails.
Courtesy: Gazarte / Instagram

Its rooftop terrace is an ideal place to relax and unwind under the sounds of rock, jazz, blues, or contemporary Greek music while enjoying the views over the Technopolis from above.

  • Address: Voutadon 34, Athina 118 54
  • Neighborhood: Kerameikos – Gazi
  • How to get there: Kerameikos metro (blue line)


This is one of the latest additions to our list of the most dazzling rooftop bars in Athens. Located in the heart of Psyrri district, Boo! invites guests to enjoy refreshing cocktails on a brightly lit terrace with colorful ethnic design and a vibrant atmosphere under the sounds of jazz, soul, and funk music.

In Boo! you will find a cozy atmosphere and some of the most delicious cocktails in town. Courtesy: BOO! Cafe Bar / Instagram
  • Address: Lepeniotou 22, Athina 105 54
  • Neighborhood: Psyrri
  • How to get there: Monastiraki metro (green and blue line)

Skyfall Cocktail & Food Bar

Skyfall Cocktail & Food Bar is one of those places that still remain relatively unknown among tourists, meaning that it’s a great place to mingle with locals and get a taste of authentic Athenian nightlife.

In Skyfall, you’ll mix with locals in a great atmosphere and music.
Courtesy: Skyfall / Facebook

Its hip terrace is a favorite hangout among younger Athenians, local artists, and bohemian crowds. Note that the rooftop garden is sometimes closed for private events, so make sure to check beforehand.

  • Address: Mark. Mousourou 1, Athina 116 36
  • Neighborhood: Pagrati – Mets
  • How to get there: Acropolis metro (red line)

Overall, having a cup of coffee or a stimulating cocktail atop one of Athens’s most spectacular rooftop bars is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Whether or not your favorite one features a view of the Acropolis is up to you to discover. Whatever the case, we’re certain that even spending a few hours in any of the options listed above will become one of the highlights of your trip.

Featured Image Courtesy: Retiré ERGON House

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