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Cheap Hotels in Athens: Budget-Friendly Accommodation in Athens’ Best Areas

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Browsing the web for the best deals on cheap hotels in Athens might not be as fruitful as you would expect before finding out just how many hotels are located in the city center. Perhaps that’s why you ended up reading this article, and we’ll make sure not to disappoint you in helping you find an excellent, budget-friendly hotel in Athens for your next trip.

Known worldwide for its cultural heritage, vibrant nightlife, and modern gastronomy scene, Athens has rapidly become one of the most popular European destinations, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Naturally, the most famous areas of Athens teem with hotels of all kinds, ranging from five-star resorts to budget-friendly hotels and hostels. The options are virtually countless.

However, choosing a luxurious hotel for your trip is a matter of taste, whereas picking a cheap hotel without local insight can go terribly wrong.

So, let’s cut to the chase. After all, you’re probably here because you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Athens for your trip.

That’s why we created this list of the best cheap hotels in Athens that will certainly come in handy. These centrally-located, value-for-money hotels guarantee to offer you a pleasant and comfortable stay in the heart of the Greek capital.

Where to Find Cheap Hotels in Athens

Most of the hotels in Athens are located within the city center and there is an especially large number of accommodation options in the areas around Acropolis Hill, where some of the most popular neighborhoods of the city lie. These include Koukaki, Syntagma, Thission, Petralona, Monastiraki, and Plaka, to name a few.

Naturally, these are also the areas where the most expensive hotels are located.

Having said that, it’s not impossible to get a good deal for a mid-range hotel or even find a budget-friendly hotel in the city center.

If you follow our tips and book well in advance, you might be able to strike gold.

It is not that hard to find cheap hotels in good and safe areas of Athens

Which Areas to Avoid in Athens

Athens is a fairly safe city, ranking quite high on the list of the safest European capitals.

Due to a dense population, large tourist crowds, and nightlife that goes on until early morning, the city center is especially safe all around the clock.

That being said, there still are a few areas that we recommend you avoid. Be warned: given that you will be looking for cheap hotels in Athens, they will often pop up as options, and they might initially seem intriguing.

Yet, the truth is that there are a few spots in the city that are a bit less safe and charming than the rest.

These include Omonoia Square, Metaxourgeio, Vathis Square, Amerikis Square, and the areas around the central railway station of Athens (Larisa Station).

Areas like Amerikis Square are a bit less safe and not that charming

Now, we don’t want to scare you; Staying in any of these areas won’t mean that you will be unsafe or in danger but only that you will have to be extra careful.

The Best Cheap Hotels in Athens

Here you will find our selection of the best cheap hotels in Athens. All the hotels on this list are located in downtown Athens, only minutes from the city’s top attractions.

Bear in mind that this list was carefully screened by the Athens By Locals team to guarantee that our recommendations are always on point.

We have personally stayed in and examined each and every one of them. After all, we are travelers just like you, and we take a lot of pride in helping to make every trip to Athens unforgettable.

Athens Center Square

Located in the center of Athens, just 300 meters from Monastiraki Square, Athens Center Square is within walking distance from all the major landmarks.

The cozy hotel features 54 elegantly decorated rooms all of which are equipped with modern amenities that guarantee a comfortable stay.

Athens Center Square Hotel

A rich breakfast buffet is available for guests on the hotel’s first floor, while the rooftop bar offers a unique view of the Acropolis.

Don’t miss to check the Athens Center Square on


Centrotel Hotel is a newly built value-for-money hotel located in the center of Athens, just 300 meters from Viktoria metro station.

Centotel has 50 spacious rooms and suites and three underground parking spaces, spanning seven floors. 

Every room is equipped with all the necessary amenities and all of them have a private balcony. 

Centrotel Hotel in Athens

Centrotel is very close to the city center and Athens’ major attractions. Guests can reach the center of Athens by metro or on foot.

Check the Centrotel Hotel on

Victory Inn

Centrotel’s partner hotel, Victory Inn is another excellent choice for those looking for budget-friendly accommodation in Athens.

Victory Inn is a budget-friendly hotel in Athens

The 2-star hotel is within walking distance from the  Pedion tou Areos and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens and is within walking distance from the city center.

All of the 34 rooms are fully refurbished, and most of them feature a private balcony.

See it on

Metropolis Hotel

Featuring 22 rooms, Hotel Metropolis is a cozy 2-star budget-friendly hotel in Athens boasting a warm atmosphere.

In the Plaka neighborhood, Metropolis Hotel’s rooftop terrace overlooks the Acropolis, which is located in the heart of the historic center.

Metropolis Hotel’s rooftop terrace overlooks the Acropolis

Here you’ll find a wide range of rooms. From a double economy room to a family room furnished with two double beds. 

Its modern amenities and simple yet elegant decoration make it one of the best cheap hotels in Athens.

Check the Metropolis Hotel on

Phaedra Hotel

Phaedra Hotel is within walking distance from the Parthenon and Odeon of Herodes Atticus and close to the city’s major sites.

Even though the rooms aren’t very big, they all feature the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. Most have a private balcony with a view over Adrianou Street.

The hotel’s cozy rooftop terrace is a great place for some moments of relaxation at night and for having your breakfast in the morning.

Phaedra Hotel offers budget-friendly accommodation in a great location

Prices vary depending on whether you’ll choose a budget room (budget single, budget twin, and budget double) or a  standard room (standard twin and standard double).

However, regardless of the type of room, the hotel’s prices are overall budget-friendly, which, in combination with the hotel’s privileged location, makes Phaedra Hotel a top choice if you are looking for a cheap hotel in Athens.

Check the Phaedra Hotel on

Areos Hotel

Areos Hotel is a small, budget-friendly boutique hotel conveniently located right next to the big public park, Pedion tou Areos, and close to the city center.

The hotel has 40 rooms divided into the following categories: single, double, and triple rooms, as well as double rooms with balconies and suites.

Areos Hotel in Athens

Areos Hotel also features a café bar that is open throughout the day, serving breakfast, snacks, beverages, and sweets.

See it on

Hotel Philippos

Situated a block away from the Acropolis Museum, Hotel Philippos enjoys one of the city’s greatest locations.

The 3-star hotel features 50 rooms in total and fully-equipped meeting rooms ideal for travelers on a business trip. 

Hotel Philippos is ideally located right next to the Acropolis Museum

The hotel’s newest addition is the ‘Belvedere Terrace,’ a majestic rooftop terrace with a view over the Acropolis Museum and the surrounding area.

A rich breakfast buffet filled with local delicacies is available to the hotel’s guests.

Check Hotel Philippos on

Hotel Faros

If you’re heading to the Greek islands or just returned from your summer holidays and you’re looking for a budget-friendly hotel to spend the night close to Piraeus port, Hotel Faros is an excellent choice.

Hotel Faros in Piraeus

The 2-star hotel is situated close to the Piraeus port and within walking distance from the center of Piraeus. Faros II offers 27 fully furnished rooms of different types, including family rooms, economy double rooms, and triple rooms.

Check the Faros Hotel on

The Best Cheap Hostels in Athens

Some believe that hostels may be cheap but tend to provide services of lower quality in terms of facilities, comfort, or cleanliness. But that is not necessarily true. And it’s certainly not true for the city of Athens.

In Athens, you can find amazing modern hostels with great designs and awesome locations that fit hardcore backpackers and every kind of budget traveler.

The options are many, but you’re in luck.

We have personally screened and selected the best hostels in Athens exclusively for our readers, and we list them below.

City Circus Hostel

City Circus is a modern hostel housed in a late 19th-century building that has been declared a historical monument.

The hip hostel offers many room types, including 4, 6, or 8-bed dormitories and double and twin rooms.

City Circus Hostel in Athens

Its privileged location in the vibrant Psirri area is another reason City Circus is a favorite among backpackers and enthusiastic travelers worldwide.

At the neoclassical building’s ground floor lies the stylish Greek bistro & wine bar, Zampano which serves Greek cuisine dishes made with fresh local ingredients.

Check the City Circus Hotel on

Athens Backpackers

As the name suggests, Athens Backpackers is a budget-friendly hostel attracting young travelers visiting the Greek capital.

It’s located in the center of Athens just a stone’s throw away from the Acropolis metro station.

Athens Backpackers Hostel in Athens

The modern hostel features a wide selection of room types, including 6-bed mixed dorms, a 3-person private studio, and private apartments for four and six persons.

See it on

Bedbox Hostel

Featuring 4-bed and 6-bed dormitory rooms, the Bedbox hostel is the ideal choice for those looking for a place to mingle with other travelers.

Bedbox Hostel in Athens

The modern youth hostel is situated in the city center, 300 meters from Monastiraki Square and Ermou shopping street.

All of the rooms offer a shared WC and shower, while guests can choose between mixed and same-sex dormitory rooms.

Check it on

Why Choose Monastiraki and Psirri for a Budget Stay in Athens

The area around Monastiraki and Psirri brims with restaurants, bars, pubs, street food joints, and nightclubs that remain open until the first signs of sun appear in the morning.

Most of these attract younger crowds, meaning that you can wine and dine at quite low prices and easily keep your spending budget under control.

To top it off, it’s an area that’s great for socializing and blending in with the locals.

There are a lot of reasons to choose Monastiraki for a budget stay in Athens

What’s more, staying in a hotel in Monastiraki or Psirri means you will be within walking distance from popular attractions like Hadrian’s Library, the Roman Agora, and the Ancient Agora.

Finally, Monastiraki has its own metro station (Green Line and Blue Line), which also connects downtown Athens to the port of Piraeus.

The Best Cheap Hotels in Monastiraki and Psirri

Monastiraki and Psirri are two of the most sought-after tourist areas in Athens.

Having said that, booking a cheap hotel in Monastiraki or Psirri is far from impossible. And it’s probably one of your best options.

Here’s a rundown of the best cheap hotels in Monastiraki and Psirri. Click on the links to find out more on

Why Choose Koukaki for a Cheap Hotel in Athens

One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Athens, Koukaki blends tradition and modernity in a charming mix of gastronomy, culture, and nightlife.

Its privileged location -only a few minutes away from Acropolis Hill– is only one of the reasons why you should be looking at Koukaki for your trip to Athens.

If you know where to search you can find some beautiful budget places to stay in Koukaki

Even though Koukaki is considered an upscale area of Athens, this notion is not confirmed by the prices of the restaurants, pubs, and bars on its busy pedestrian streets.

The hub of Koukaki is far from a tourist trap like the ones you’ve seen in major European cities and staying there will cause no real blows to your budget.

Last but not least, Koukaki is located right between two metro stations: the Acropolis station (red line) and the Syggrou-Fix station (red line).

The Best Cheap Hotels in Koukaki

Due to its location, the area is full of all kinds of hotels for all kinds of tastes. Discovering a budget-friendly hotel in Koukaki, however, might prove to be a challenging task.

Luckily for you, we’ve already done all the hard work.

Here are our top choices for cheap hotels in Koukaki. Check out the links on and book the hotel that suits you best.

For hotels that are located close to the Acropolis and the Parthenon not miss to read our guide with the best hotels near Acropolis.

Why Choose Syntagma for a Budget-friendly Hotel in Athens

The most well-known area of Athens, Syntagma, is home to the Greek Parliament and the National Gardens and countless shops, bars, pubs, and restaurants.

It’s also the place where the most famous shopping street in Athens, Ermou Street, begins.

Staying in Syntagma means you can check all the boxes on your sightseeing list quickly and cheaply, simply by walking around. In addition, Syntagma has a metro station (red and blue line) located on Syntagma Square.

The Best Cheap Hotels in Syntagma

Being the city’s most famous and central spot, Syntagma is naturally home to a wide range of hotels.

And even though it has a reputation as one of the most expensive areas of Athens, you might be able to strike a great deal with a cheap hotel for your trip.

Are you asking how? Just check out our selection below and follow the links to to reserve your stay at the best prices.

Why Choose Thission for a Cheap Stay in Athens

Thission is one of the most popular neighborhoods of Athens located between Monastiraki and Koukaki.

It’s nearly impossible to visit Athens without walking at least once down the famous pedestrian street called Dionysiou Aeropagitou that connects the narrow alleys of Monastiraki to the Acropolis Museum, right under the Parthenon.

Choosing Thission for your stay means that you will be close to attractions like the National Observatory of Athens, the Philopappos Monument, the Theater of Dionysus, and, of course, the Acropolis Hill.

The best way to get to and from Thission is by the Thission metro station (green line), the Monastiraki metro station (green and blue line), or the Acropolis metro station (red line).

The Best Cheap Hotels in Thission

The location of Thission makes it ideal for a stay in Athens, no matter how short.

On the other hand, the location makes finding a budget-friendly hotel in Thission seem difficult.

No need to worry. We here at Athens By Locals have got you covered. Below is a list of the best cheap hotels in Thission. Just click on any link to see more information on

For hotels that are located near Plaka read our guide below.

Why Choose Piraeus Port for Cheap Accommodation in Athens

Most travelers who choose Athens for their vacation seem to believe that Piraeus is only a good option for those who are on the final day of their itinerary in Athens and planning to travel to one of the Greek islands via Piraeus Port on the next day.

Well, this is only partly true.

Indeed, the port of Piraeus is the main reason tourists choose to stay here, but the small town has its charm.

It also has a wide array of budget-friendly hotels. And being only 25 minutes away from Athens downtown means that you can easily go back and forth.

The easiest way to get from and to Piraeus is by the Piraeus train station (green line). Whatever the reason you’re looking into Piraeus is, we are here to ensure that the hotel you choose will be worth your time and money.

The Best Cheap Hotels in Piraeus

Even though Piraeus is home to the largest and busiest port of Greece, there aren’t as many hotels to be found in the area as you would expect.

Booking a cheap hotel in Piraeus is not as easy as it sounds. But here at Athens By Locals, we love a challenge.

This is our selection of the best cheap hotels in Piraeus. Click on any link and see more information on the services and prices on

Tips, Questions and Answers for the Best Cheap Hotels in Athens

In this final section, you’ll find a few tips on how, where and when to look for the best deals on cheap hotels in Athens. We’ll also answer a few of the questions that arrive in our inbox most frequently.

Are there any cheap hotels near the Acropolis?

There are quite a few cheap hotels in Athens located close to the Acropolis. The areas of Koukaki and Thission, which are the closest, offer many options. However, remember that not every hotel deal is worth your money. Always check our guides for useful tips and information.

Is booking a hotel in Athens in advance or walking in cheaper?

Simply walking into a hotel in Athens to make a reservation can prove to be disastrous for your vacation. Firstly, if you’re traveling on or near the peak tourist season, chances are that you won’t be able to find any rooms available in downtown Athens. Even if you do, the prices will probably be twice as high as booking a few months before. That’s why we always recommend that you book your stay in Athens well in advance; it’s safer and much cheaper.

Where is the cheapest area of Athens to book a hotel?

There are cheap hotels all around Athens. It’s not so much a question of where but when. If you book your hotel in advance you can get great hotel deals even in the most upscale areas of Athens like Syntagma, Monastiraki, and Koukaki.

Do cheap hotels in Athens have air conditioning?

Yes. Athens can get very hot during summertime, and air-conditioning has become a very basic amenity for the local hotels. Most hotels offer air-conditioning included in the price. Of course, we recommend that you always check beforehand.

When should I book a hotel for the best price?

We strongly recommend booking your stay in Athens well in advance, especially if you are planning to travel during summertime and if you are traveling on a budget. If you want to find a cheap hotel in the city center of Athens, consider booking at least 4 or 5 months before your arrival.

Can you negotiate hotel rates in Athens?

There was a time when tourists could negotiate rates at small hotels in some of the Greek islands, but that time was long gone. You can’t negotiate rates at any hotel in Athens. After all, most tourists book their hotels months before they get to Greece.

Is it better to book with hotels directly?

The short question is no. Booking platforms like are always cheaper than booking with the hotels directly. Plus, they’re much safer regarding the security of online transactions.

Why are hotels cheaper on

Hotel companies sell room reservations to large booking sites in bulk with huge discounts. That’s why you often see lower rates on such sites than on the hotels’ own websites., in particular, has some of the lowest rates on the market.

All in all, finding a comfortable and cheap hotel in Athens, can sometimes be difficult. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t plenty of choices for tourists traveling on a budget.

Athens city center is home to numerous value-for-money hotels and hostels that will offer you a great stay in the Greek capital. Find the one that suits your needs and style best and explore Athens on a budget.

Featured image courtesy: Marioguti / Canvapro

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