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Stay Connected in Athens: Free WiFi Spots, Internet cafes, Payphones, Mail and Post services in Athens

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Being connected while on a trip abroad is sometimes not as easy as one would anticipate. That’s why we have decided to put together a guide with all the ways to keep in touch with your friends and family back home including free public wifi spots, internet cafes, payphones, mail and post services in Athens.

Read on for everything you need to know about staying connected on your trip to Athens.

Free Public Wifi Spots in Athens

The fastest and easiest way to stay connected on your trip to Athens is through wifi.

You’ll be glad to hear that the Municipality of Athens has recently announced the setting up of 11 new free public wifi hotspots throughout the city for locals and travelers alike as a part of the European Commission’s WiFi4EU initiative that aims to promote free wifi connectivity for all citizens of Europe.

These hotspots are strategically placed throughout the city and span all the popular neighborhoods you will most likely visit while roaming Athens.

Here’s a list of all the free wifi spots in Athens:

  • Syntagma Square
  • Lycabettus Hill
  • Iroon Square (the small square of Psyrri)
  • Kotzia Square (near Omonoia)
  • Serafeio Athletic & Community Complex
  • Municipal Library of Athens (on Domokou 2)
  • City of Athens Cultural Center (on Akadimias 50)
  • Karamanou Square (right next to Psyrri)
  • 1st Cemetary of Athens (in Pagkrati)
  • Victoria Square
  • 22 Liosion street

Connecting to the free wifi networks is easy and straightforward.

Just scan for wifi networks with your phone, select the one named “WiFi4EU” and after being redirected to the official page of the Municipality of Athens, tap ‘’log in’’ and you’ll be connected to the network for 12 hours. If your time expires, follow the same procedure to reconnect.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that these wifi hotspots are still brand new and there’s word that some of them might be faulty at times.

We strongly suggest that you don’t rely completely on the public wifi to stay connected in Athens to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Staying Connected at the Athens International Airport

Going online and informing loved ones back home that your flight has finally landed in Athens is probably one of the first things you’ll do after picking up your bags at the airport. Luckily, you’ll have no trouble getting a connection.

There are a total of 22 “Internet Access Points” spread throughout the airport. There, you can get free access to the internet for 15 minutes. Better yet, you can also use the airport’s free wi-fi network called “ATH Free Wi-Fi”.

Finally, if you are on your way home and want to send out a couple of last souvenirs, you can find a post office on the Arrivals Level.

Internet Cafes in Athens

Internet Cafes in Athens are your safest bet for staying connected during your trip.

A few years ago, Athens teemed with internet cafes spread throughout all the central neighborhoods downtown. More recently, their numbers have decreased significantly but, luckily, you can still find quite a few in downtown Athens.

Here are two examples of internet cafes in Athens that you can easily get to from the city center:

Bits and Bytes Akadimias

  • Address: Akadimias 78, Athens 106 78
  • Phone: 0030 210 381 3234
  • How to get there: Panepistimio metro (red line)


  • Address: Akadimias 87, Athens 106 78
  • Phone: 0030 210 330 1895
  • How to get there: Panepistimio metro (red line)

Payphones in Athens

Payphones used to be very popular in Athens but are now rapidly becoming a thing of the past. At a time, a payphone could be found standing almost on every major street corner throughout Athens.

At first, these worked with coins, similarly to other payphones you may have seen while traveling abroad in the past. Later on, instead of coins, the payphones worked with the use of a special card called “tilekarta” (literally translating to “telecard”).

Surprisingly, you may still see some old payphones in the streets of Athens. However, keep in mind that since they are rarely used, most of them are out of order with no plans to repair them in sight.

Payphone in Athens

Nowadays, the payphones are more of an opportunity for quirky photos with a glimpse of the city’s past rather than a functioning service.

Still, if, for whatever reason, you’d like to try using one, you can purchase a card at all the places that also sell sim cards, like kiosks, small shops, phone shops, and, in some cases, supermarkets.

Mail and Post Services in Athens

Beyond a doubt it is the most traditional way of staying connected with your friends back home but also a great way to send postcards, packages, gifts and souvenirs abroad.

Using the post services in Athens is quite straightforward. Most postal services are run by ELTA (or the “Hellenic Post”) and quite a few post offices are scattered around Athens.

You’ll recognize them by the bright yellow color and the yellow mailboxes standing right outside their doors.

If you just want to send a letter, you can use these mailboxes after buying a stamp from the post office’s vending machine or a street kiosk.

If you want to send a parcel, you’ll have to enter the post office, have your package inspected, fill out a short form and pay a fee that depends on the parcel’s destination.

Keep in mind that post offices can be quite busy, especially during the first days of every month.

Here are a few post offices located in the city center of Athens:

ELTA Post Office Syntagma

  • Address: Mitropoleos 2, Athens 105 63
  • Phone: 0030 210 324 5970
  • Opening hours: 7.30 am – 8.30 pm on weekdays.
    Closed on weekends
  • How to get there: Syntagma metro station (red and blue line)

ELTA Post Office Mitropoleos

  • Address: Mitropoleos 60, Athens 105 63
  • Phone: 0030 210 321 8143
  • Opening hours: 7.30 am – 8.30 pm on weekdays. Closed on weekends
  • How to get there: Syntagma metro station (red and blue line)

ELTA Post Office Acropolis

  • Address: Dionysiou Aeropagitou 7, Athens 117 42
  • Phone: 0030 210 921 8076
  • Opening hours: 7.30 am – 2.45 pm on weekdays. Closed on weekends
  • How to get there: Acropolis metro station (red line)

ELTA Post Office Solonos

  • Address: Solonos 54, Athens 106 72
  • Phone: 0030 210 360 8639
  • Opening hours: 7.30 am – 2.45 pm on weekdays. Closed on weekends
  • How to get there: Panepistimio metro station (red line)

You can track your package sent with ELTA here: Click me

Computer and Phone Repair in Athens

Accidents happen and you might need a quick fix for your laptop or phone while on a trip to Athens.

There’s no need to worry. You can get your device repaired in many places in Athens downtown. We recommend trying “The Fixers” at 10 Stadiou Street, just a few minutes away from Syntagma Square.

All in all, staying connected in Athens is going to be way easier than it was just a few years back. Just consult this guide with the free public wifi hotspots, internet cafes, payphones, and post services in Athens, and rest assured that you’ll keep being connected while roaming the Greek capital.

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