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Category Discover Athens

Athens is widely known for being the birthplace of democracy, home to the imposing Parthenon, the Pnyx Hill, The Temple of Olympian Zeus, and other remarkable ancient sites. Being a city drenched in history, the Greek capital attracts hordes of tourists from all around the world eager to visit the city’s museums and landmarks. And while discovering Athens’ historic monuments is a reason on its own to visit the Greek capital, the city offers much more than meets the eye. Athens features numerous hidden spots, outdoor places, and alternative districts that showcase the city’s rich past and current urban culture. Explore the non-touristy side of Athens and get a proper taste of life in the Greek capital. All you have to do is to follow the locals’ lead, go off the beaten path, and see the city like a real Athenian. Get to know the Athenian neighborhoods and attractions and discover some of the best day trips you can have from Athens. Also, don’t miss our detailed guides on how to travel from Athens to the Greek islands. Observe the city’s art culture beyond the museums and get lost in its narrow picturesque alleys. Athens is a fascinating city offering endless reasons to add it to your travel bucket list. Discover each one of them at Athens By Locals and let the capital of Greece enchant you.

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Roman Agora of Athens

Roman Agora of Athens

They say Athens is the eye of Greece, the mother of arts and eloquence. A key component that contributed a lot to this fame earned by Athens was the Roman Agora of Athens. The literal meaning of the word Agora…

Aegina Island

One Day Trip from Athens to Aegina Island

A one-day trip from Athens to Aegina Island always sounds like a great idea. While Athens contains many treasures from the Ancient Greeks, many visitors can be a little overwhelmed by the modern city. The city’s traffic, hectic downtown streets,…

visit Piraeus in greece

Piraeus: The Ferry Port of Athens

Piraeus, the outer suburb of Athens, which serves as the ferry port for the popular Greek islands, has long suffered a bad reputation as a run-down area where the crime was rife. Most tourists avoid it, stay in the heart…

academy of athens

Explore Athens City Center

Even though the Greek capital consists of different areas, it’s mainly the center of Athens that attracts the crowds. Home to historical landmarks, bustling food markets, and scenic alleys, Athens’ city center has its own unique charm. Neighborhoods in the…

discover athens greece

Discover Athens City the Capital of Greece

Athens city is the capital of Greece, a vast metropolis that still stands tall bearing thousands of years of history and culture. Being one of the oldest continuously inhabited places on Earth, the civilization, culture, art, values and ideas developed…

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