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Athens in October [Tips – Weather – Things to Do]

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You might be surprised to find out that Athens in October is just as mind-blowing as any other time of the year, even though most travelers think of Athens primarily as a summertime destination.

During the past few years, more and more visitors decide to visit Greece in October and head to the capital city in search of a relaxing short autumn break.

Upon arrival, most travelers are pleased to realize that October temperatures in Athens are much closer to a northern European summer than autumn. Especially during the first days of the month, the weather in Athens is quite warm with low chances of rain, making it an exceptional destination for a fall city break.

Here are all the reasons why we invite you to visit Athens in October to skip the crowds and experience the city’s charms the same way locals do.

Is October a Good Time To Visit Athens?

By visiting Athens in October, you’ll get the chance to witness a totally different city, without hordes of tourists roaming the streets and all the best attractions.

So, is October a good time to visit Athens?

Things will definitely be slower than during the busy summer months, but that doesn’t mean the city will be empty or dreary.

On the contrary, Greece doesn’t just shut down in October. Athens’s top tourist attractions remain open in October, but fewer people are visiting.

That means you can visit the city’s archaeological sites, monuments, and museums without worrying about booking your tickets way in advance or spending countless hours waiting in queues.

It is highly unlikely that you will run into too many people when visiting even the most famous attractions in Athens like the Acropolis or the Acropolis museum.

Moreover, you’ll find that the prices of tourist services and hotels in Athens are significantly lower compared to busier months.

All in all, there are always exciting and unique things to do in Athens no matter what time of the year you choose to visit. And October is indeed a great time to visit Athens.

if you travel to Athens in october visit the Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Is October a good time to visit Athens? If you want to escape the tourist crowds definitely yes

Weather in Athens in October

The weather in Athens in October is generally fairly cooler than in the previous months.

Chances of rain are still low, and there is still a lot of sunshine during the daytime, but nights start becoming colder as October ends.

During the past years, however, a slight temperature shift has been observed with the early summer months getting a bit milder and October getting progressively warmer by the year.

The average temperature of Athens in October is 19°C, and the average amount of daily sunshine is a little over five hours.

the weather in Athens in October
Thanks to Athens’ typical Mediterranean climate, average temperatures for the month of October go between 16°C at night and 25°C during the day. Courtesy: Andy Montgomery on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

Can you still swim in Athens in October?

The question that travelers who are planning to visit Athens during the fall ask the most is if it’s possible to swim in Athens in October.

If you are also wondering, you’ll be delighted to know that the answer is yes.

When the weather is warm, it’s possible to go for a swim at any of the beaches in Athens and enjoy the sunshine and the crystal-clear waters.

After all, plenty of people swim on the beaches of Athens all year round. The average sea temperature in October is about 22°C.

beach in vouliagmeni-athens-you can still swim in Athens in October
Beach in Vouliagmeni – Athens. It is possible to swim in Athens in October

Even if that’s not warm enough for you, we still suggest visiting a beach to sunbathe on the fine sand and take in the astonishing views of Athens’s coast. A good place to start is the famous Athenian Riviera.

What clothes to pack for Athens in October?

If you’re wondering what clothes to pack for Athens in October, we recommend you pack mostly summer clothes and prepare to enjoy the sunny days.

However, make sure to leave some room in your suitcases for a light jacket, an autumn raincoat, or an extra pair of shoes just in case it rains.

Rainfalls are rare and usually don’t last long, but it’s best to be prepared for any weather.

Unless you are unlucky, you will probably not need to pack heavy winter clothes such as coats, scarves, or gloves.

In fact, it would not be surprising if you visited Athens in October for a vacation and spent all your days soaking up the sun and enjoying the excellent weather.

Do not forget to pack a swimming suit as well.

On the hottest days of the month and especially on weekends, many locals head to the beaches in Athens and you will see plenty of people swimming.

What clothes to pack for Athens in October - a girl looking the athens view
If you’re wondering what clothes to pack for travel to Athens in October, we recommend you pack mostly summer clothes

Where to Stay in Athens in October

If you’re looking for places to stay in Athens in October, chances are that you’ll be able to score a good deal and find a few budget-friendly hotels.

Whether you’re looking for a hotel with a view of the Acropolis, a great luxury hotel in one of the best areas of Athens, or a budget-friendly hotel near a trendy neighborhood, you will surely find something to suit your needs.

There are virtually no hotels in the city that stop operating after the peak tourist season.

Catering to fewer visitors, however, means that you will have way more accommodation options for your stay.

Where to stay in Athens in October - hotel with acropolis view
If you are looking for where to stay in Athens in October, a hotel with a view of the Acropolis sounds like a great idea. Courtesy: Σταύρος /

Finding Hotels in Athens in October

Booking a hotel in Athens in October is relatively easy.

Hotels that are popular with travelers and which are usually booked months in advance will now be among your options for an unprecedented stay in the Greek capital.

Here are a few of our recommendations for hotels in Athens for you to choose from:

The Athens Gate Hotel

The Athens Gate Hotel is an elegant, eco-friendly hotel located in downtown Athens, only a few minutes away from the popular neighborhood of Koukaki.

The view of the executive room in the Athens Gate Hotel in athens city
The Athens Gate Hotel in Athens. Courtesy: Athens Gate Hotel

It’s an excellent choice for those who want to stay close to a few of the most popular attractions of Athens, like the Acropolis Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The hotel’s charming rooftop restaurant makes it ideal for a very romantic dining experience in Athens.

See the Athens Gate Hotel on

Central Athens Hotel

Central Athens Hotel is one of the city’s most luxurious hotels with a view from the Acropolis.

the view of the Thea Terrace bar in the central athens hotel
The magical view of the Thea Terrace bar at the top of the Central Athens Hotel.
Courtesy: Central Athens Hotel Facebook page

Located only 200 meters from Syntagma Square, it’s a perfect choice for business trips or leisure travelers who want to stay in the city’s heart.

Its rooms are recently renovated and feature an elegant design and tasteful decorations.

Check the Central Athens Hotel on

Electra Metropolis Hotel

Electra Metropolis Hotel is a 5-star hotel located right next to Syntagma square. It boasts 216 fully equipped luxury suites and rooms with views of Plaka and Acropolis Hill.

the view from the Acropolis Suites in Electra Metropolis Hotel
The view from the Acropolis Suites in Electra Metropolis Hotel.
Courtesy: Electra Metropolis Hotel

But this hotel offers much more than luxurious rooms.

It features an alluring atrium lined with restaurants and cafes, a modern spa, and an extraordinary roof garden with amazing bird’s eye views of the beautiful city of Athens.

Check the Electra Metropolis Hotel on

Athenaeum Grand Hotel

The brand-new Athenaeum Grand Hotel is located only a few minutes away from the historic center of Athens and the popular Koukaki neighborhood.

Athenaeum Grand Hotel in athens - the view of the rooms
Athenaeum Grand Hotel in Athens. Enjoy your stay in comfort with Athens at your feet.
Courtesy: Athenaeum Grand Hotel / Facebook

Apart from spacious and stylish rooms, Athenaeum Grand Hotel also offers two dazzling penthouse suites with luxurious amenities and amazing vistas over the city of Athens as well as a chic bar and a high-end restaurant that will make your next stay in Athens unforgettable.

Check the Athenaeum Grand Hotel on

Hermes Hotel

Hermes Hotel is an ideal option for those looking for a more budget-friendly hotel for their stay in Athens.

It’s just a breath away from the Panathenaic Stadium and Pnyx.

The view to the Acropolis of Athens from the top of the Hermes Hotel
Hermes Hotel is a very modern boutique 3-star superior hotel in a top location.
Courtesy: Hermes Hotel Facebook page

It offers graceful, recently renovated rooms, a free jacuzzi, and spa sessions, as well as a beautiful garden terrace with a shared lounge.

Check the Hermes Hotel on

Well, did any of these hotels catch your eye? If not, have a look at this article below and explore a large collection of hotels for your next holiday in Athens in October.

What to Do in Athens in October

Every month and every season in Athens has a special charm.

And October might be the best time to visit Athens if you want to experience the city as locals do. All the main streets are much quieter, and the traffic is much more tolerable, giving the city a laid-back vibe that is hard to come by during summertime.

Going around Athens with public transportation is much more painless as the metros, trams, and buses are less crowded. For more info about how to get around Athens, please read our detailed guide here.

Here is a rundown of our recommendations for the best things to see and do in Athens in October:

Visit one of the world-class museums in Athens

The month of October is a great time to visit any of the popular museums in Athens. The city features an abundance of museums for all tastes.

when you visit Athens in october visit the Acropolis museum
The Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum focused on the findings of the archaeological site of the Acropolis of Athens

Moreover, visiting a museum is a great option for a rainy afternoon.

Start with the city’s crown jewel, the world-famous Acropolis Museum. This museum normally has visitors during the high season even on weekdays.

In October though, even the most iconic attractions will be easy to visit and much more enjoyable.

If you have already visited this one, consider visiting the National Archaeological Museum to learn about the city’s glorious past and the history of ancient Greece.

Take advantage of the time you save by skipping the lines and exploring other museums that are often overlooked by tourists such as the Museum of Cycladic Art, the Benaki Museum, or the Byzantine and Christian Museum.

Explore the most important historical sites

No trip to the Greek capital can ever be complete without witnessing the splendor of the famous historical sites of Athens that are spread throughout the city.

Apart from a great chance to learn about the city’s history and get a first-hand experience of the rich cultural heritage of Greece, strolling through these sites will give you a pretty good idea of what the city center looks like.

Now, if you like to see some excellent options for a guided tour, we suggest you click on this page, scroll down to the sightseeing section, and select the one that is best for you!

As is the case with the museums, you’ll find fewer people touring the sites and monuments of Athens in October.

Your starting point should, of course, be the hill of the Acropolis and the Parthenon, the most iconic landmark in the city.

Next, head over to any of the impressive outdoor archaeological sites of Athens like:

This way, you’ll have an interesting learning experience while you enjoy the beautiful weather.

the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens
The Temple of Olympian Zeus is the most magnificent monument in Athens, other than the Acropolis complex of sites

Save money: If you want to visit some of the most important Archaeological Sites of Athens, then book the Athens Combo Ticket.

Take a day trip from Athens

All of the popular destinations that are located within a day’s reach from the city are welcoming guests in October.

In October, Athens might be much calmer and quieter than in summer, but taking some time away from the city is still a good idea.

No matter what your tastes are, you can plan the most magnificent day trip from Athens.

Take a day trip to Delphi if you’re a history buff looking for insight into the country’s complex past or mix history, gastronomy, and amazing ocean views on a relaxing day by the sea with a half-day sunset tour to Cape Sounion.

Read here how to organize a perfect day trip to Cape Sounion.

temple at cape sounion athens greece
Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion. The sheer cliffs, sweeping views, epic sunsets, and photogenic ruins of Cape Sounion (also written Cape Sounio) form one of the best Athens day trips.

Another great option you may have is a day trip to Nafplio and Ancient Epidaurus.

If you’re looking for a more adventurous escapade away from the busy downtown of Athens, plan a trip to Meteora to combine sightseeing with long hikes and beautiful routes.

Finally, if you want to soak up some sun and enjoy the natural beauty of Greece, board a cruise to the Saronic Gulf Islands.

Discover the fabulous Greek islands of Hydra, Poros, and Aegina on a scenic full-day trip from Athens.

If you’re still unsure about which trip will suit your tastes, read the article below and discover the best day trips from Athens.

Spend a day at one of the beaches in Athens

It’s not too late to go for a swim if you’re visiting Athens in October, and it is never too late to visit one of the beautiful beaches in Athens, even if you end up not swimming.

The region of Attica, where the city is located, is surrounded by water, and there are several stunning beaches you can visit from Athens by car and by bus.

Most beaches are only half an hour to forty-five minutes from the city center.

You’ll find the most popular beaches in Athens along the Athenian Riviera, stretching from the southern suburbs of the city all the way to Cape Sounion.

Head towards the beaches of Glyfada or Vouliagmeni for a quick dip in the aquamarine waters and a long sunbathing session on the sandy shores.

athens beach athenian riviera
If you’re visiting Athens in October, spend a day at the beach

Explore the neighborhoods of Athens with an e-bike tour

Exploring Athens in October with a sightseeing electric bike tour is an exceptional opportunity to enjoy the areas and neighborhoods of the city that are jam-pacκed with people during the high season. Discover an eclectic mix of modern and ancient sights on a 3-hour electric bike tour of Athens. Enjoy amazing views from Pnyka and Filoppapos Hill. Glide down the picturesque streets of Plaka, and discover some of the city’s legendary archeological sites.

Downtown Athens transforms from a hectic metropolis to a quaint, peaceful city center. Yet, the most central neighborhoods are still lively.

You can start by taking a long stroll through the famous area of Plaka to enjoy the serenity of the cobblestone streets and the cozy cafes.

When in Athens, take a stroll through the narrow streets of the Plaka area.
Courtesy: Athens By Locals

Then, marvel at an extraordinary view by riding through the narrow maze-like alleys of Anafiotika that are rarely seen without swarms of tourists.

If you’re looking for more than a bike ride through the city center, head towards Monastiraki for some souvenir hunting and some of Athens’s most outstanding street food.

There you will find the Monastiraki flea market which is undoubtedly the most famous flea market in Athens, with shops offering clothes, vintage knick-knacks, and all kinds of memorabilia.

Finally, we recommend finishing your day with a delicious dinner at an alfresco restaurant in Syntagma or Thission.

Festivals and Events in Athens in October

Several festivals, concerts, and events occur in Athens in October.

In fact, there are more happenings in the city in autumn than there are during summer since locals usually spend the summer holidays in rural areas or the Greek islands.

Before you visit, make sure to check for any upcoming concerts and festivities that could be taking place during your trip dates, especially those that take place in the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

Watching any performance in the ancient theater is an extraordinary experience. In any case, there are a few events that you shouldn’t miss if you’re traveling to Athens in October.

The Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens Greece
The Odeon of Herodes Atticus is a stone Roman theater structure located on the southwest slope of the Acropolis of Athens. If you visit Athens in October, make sure to check for any upcoming concerts there

National Holiday: Ohi Day (28th of October)

Ohi Day is one of the two most famous national holidays in Greece.

The holiday’s name translates to “No” day and its purpose is to commemorate the anniversary of Greece turning down Italy’s ultimatum in 1940 and consequently entering World War II.

Ohi Day is celebrated nationwide, with thousands of people attending school and military parades.

If you happen to be in Athens, Greece, on Ohi Day, make sure to head downtown to watch the celebrations and the country’s largest parade, which takes place in the city center and passes right in front of the Parliament building in Syntagma.

Most public services and a few businesses might be closed on Ohi day but the majority of cafes and restaurants in the city center remain open.

Buses, metros, and other means of public transportation operate normally, though you should expect all routes to be a little delayed.

parade athens ohi day
On Ohi (OXI) Day in Athens, you can see the guards in their traditional uniform as they march down the streets

Halloween in Athens

During the past few years, the celebration of Halloween has been gaining popularity in Greece.

If you visit Athens in October you’ll see many people dressing up to celebrate Halloween in Athens and there are many bars and clubs throwing Halloween-themed parties with all kinds of fun activities.

Halloween is a great way to mingle with the locals and get to know what nightlife in Athens is all about.

Trick or treating is not quite popular in Greece yet, but if you find yourself longing for some candy, make sure to visit one of the pastry shops in the city center. It might be a good chance for you to get a sweet taste of Athenian gastronomy.

Celebrating Halloween in Athens
Celebrating Halloween in Athens

Local Tips for Your Trip To Athens in October

Our readers are asking and we here at Athens By Locals are more than happy to answer. In this section, we’ll provide some useful insight into what traveling to Athens in October is like and what you should expect on your city break.

Is October a good time to travel to Greece?

October is actually one of the best times of the year to visit Greece. The summertime crowds are gone, and hotel prices are significantly lower in Athens and popular island destinations like Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, and Corfu.

How many hours of daylight does Athens have in October?

Athens is quite sunny and bright, even in October. The length of the day in Greece in October is just over 11 hours with around 5 hours of sunshine on average.

Which is the hottest Greek island in October?

Unsurprisingly, the highest temperatures in Greece in October are traditionally recorded in Crete, the large island in the southernmost part of the Aegean Sea.

How many days do you need in Athens?

That really depends on how many attractions you want to cross off your bucket list during your trip to Athens. In general, 3 or 4 days are enough to get a taste of what the city is about and visit the most iconic monuments like the Parthenon. Luckily, if you plan to visit Athens in October, you can cover much more ground due to the tourist crowds being gone.

Is October a good time to visit Santorini?

Yes. Even though Santorini is most visited during the summer months, the hordes of tourists make enjoying the island quite difficult. Visiting Santorini in October is a viable alternative to guarantee you get the most out of your trip. You can even reach Santorini from Athens by plane or ferry for a short excursion.

Is Athens expensive?

Compared to other popular European capital city destinations, Athens is fairly cheap. For example, a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant in Athens costs around 40 euros, and a drink at a typical Athenian bar in the city center costs around 7 euros.

How much money should I take to Greece for a week?

If you’re planning to travel on a budget, a sum of around 50 euros per person per day should pretty much cover your expenses. If you’re looking for mid-range hotels and restaurants, an average of 200 euros per person per day will probably be enough. If you plan to visit any of the islands besides Athens, bear in mind that the budget needed will be significantly higher.

To sum it up, no matter what kind of vacation you are after, a trip to Athens in October is definitely going to amaze you and leave you craving for more.

Autumn is when you can experience the city to its fullest when authenticity takes over the reins from the summer’s contrived exorbitance when Athens shows its true colors.

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